TOMATO KETCHUP PROCESSING #shorts #youtubeshorts
TOMATO KETCHUP PROCESSING #shorts #youtubeshorts
October 31, 2023
How its made:  KETCHUP! How its made KETCHUP HEINZ!
How its made: KETCHUP! How its made KETCHUP HEINZ!
October 31, 2023

HOW TO MAKE MAYONNAISE | easy mayo recipe with stick blender

October 31, 2023

HOW TO MAKE MAYONNAISE | easy mayo recipe with stick blender

October 31, 2023

HOW TO MAKE MAYONNAISE | easy mayo recipe with stick blender

Homemade mayonnaise is really easy to make and only takes one minute with a stick blender or immersion blender. I love using a high quality avocado oil, but you can also use a light-flavored olive oil. Once you taste the freshness of homemade, paleo-friendly mayonnaise, I doubt you’ll be buying store-bought again! (click “show more” for the recipe and links)

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Stick/Immersion Blender:
Avocado Oil:
Weck Jar:
John Boos Cutting Board:

For the full recipe and backstory on the recipe visit:

Other recipes that use this mayonnaise:
Spinach and Artichoke Dip (dairy-free, paleo):
Pineapple Burger Bowl with Sweet Fig Mayonnaise:
Baked Halibut with Herbed Mayonnaise:

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  1. I see this uses the WHOLE egg. I saw another that said to only use the yolks. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Both good? Or is one method superior?

  2. Liz Angeles says:

    Can you use walnut oil?

  3. Franc says:

    are we supposed to guess the quantities ?!

  4. Karen P says:

    is a stick blender like an immersion blender? I usually make mine in the food processor and it comes out great.

  5. deancamp says:

    Absolutely delicious! No need to ever buy it from the store again.

  6. zzebowa says:

    If you like a wet, weak tasting mayo, sure, leave the white in and use a blender. If you want proper mayo, just use a whisk. It doesnt take long you know.

  7. Thanks so much. No store bought here

  8. Real mayo does not contain mustard.

  9. Doro K says:

    Tried this today & it worked perfectly. I added a clove of garlic. Easier than using a food processor. Thank you so much.

  10. mannyu26 says:

    Anyone make this with duck eggs?

  11. faithlilis says:

    Wait! So we mayo lovers been eatin RAW RAW EGG?!?!? 😮 🤷‍♀️ who knew! Im 40 bearly learning basics of diy ranch dressings, but THIS MAYO DISCOVERY HAS ME CONFUSED 😕

  12. Didn’t thicken sadly , a waste!

  13. Taste my mayonnaise girl❤❤

  14. Rosabscura says:

    wow. i didn't realize how easy it is.. also how much oil is in it o.0

  15. Moai Tellei says:

    Im pro of making one minute mayonnaise

  16. Cant wait to try this, only have olive oil though thanks for sharing

  17. 4-5 days?
    Is there a way to keep it longer?
    Freeze? Vacuum seal in a jar in the fridge?

  18. T says:

    Right. It is easy. And it is certainly going to taste better. However, I'm not going to make fresh mayo every 4-5 days!

  19. Ray says:

    I'm avoiding the ultraprocessed "food" at the supermarket, so I thought maybe I can do it and it turned out amazing. Thanks. I'm subscribing.

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