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November 22, 2023
शुरू करे अचार बनाने का व्यवसाय  || Start Handmade Pickle Making Business
शुरू करे अचार बनाने का व्यवसाय || Start Handmade Pickle Making Business
November 22, 2023

How to Make Classic Strawberry Jam at Home

November 22, 2023

How to Make Classic Strawberry Jam at Home

November 22, 2023

How to Make Classic Strawberry Jam at Home

Becky teaches Julia how to make classic strawberry jam from scratch at home.

Get the recipe for Classic Strawberry Jam:
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  1. mselisa1 says:

    I am a neophyte where canning is concerned. This video helps (I haven't tried the canning, yet) but I have a question: What is the specific proces whenremoving the jars from the hot water. Do I let the cool off then tighten the lids? Perhaps, I missed that part.

  2. Do I use the same recipe for raspberry jam and BlackBerry jam or is there a different remedy

  3. Honey Bee says:

    I'm going to try this using the apple. I did not do it last time but the natural pectin sounds like a great idea, thanks! God bless.

  4. Why bottled lemon juice is different frlm fresh lemons? Do they add something?

  5. Can I maserate berries overnight first? Or will that hurt it?

  6. john mariyan says:

    From johnmariyan kanthaloor kerala india l like

  7. Hi, thank you very much for the most delicious strawberry jam recipe! This is my first time making jam from strawberries. It turned out great, although a little runny but it’s only been few hours before I could not resist the urge to eat. It may set a bit more as it sits. The only thing different was I used lime juice instead of bottled lemon juice which I did not have on hand.
    ATK is my go to for recipes. Thank you again.

  8. M A says:

    Why smash the fruit? I like the fruit chunks.

  9. PepperJet says:

    Where do you store it and for how long?

  10. Jkopala1954 says:

    I made this recipe.
    .at the stated ratios, u found it too sweet, but the fruit favor was great

  11. When she clean the rim she doesn’t even wipe the top but the side grooves lol

  12. Too much sugar, next time I will cut in half. Otherwise an excellent recipe, love the addition of a Granny Smith apple.

  13. Sweet Music says:

    This recipe does not work. The apples do not go away.

  14. Dave Svoboda says:

    I'm skeptical of boiling compote reaching 220F no matter how long I boil it. I'm at 6000 ft.

  15. Excellent video. I've been making good strawberry jam for years and mostly I do it like this but I learned a few things from these really smart pros!

  16. kmgy1966 says:

    This is my third year of making this jam. Each year I’ve had to increase the amount because my family eats it so quickly. Best strawberry jam we’ve ever had. Plus so easy to do.

  17. D K says:

    about how many cups was the granny smith apple?

  18. tomcat says:

    You do not have to bath your jam . Just make sure your jars are hot when you fill him.

  19. Can I substitute the granny Smith with a honey crisp apple?

  20. Nick Meale says:

    I stopped watching after 3 cups of sugar when in

  21. perrymmon says:

    Followed this recipe, what I thought was exactly. Used the same thermometer and my strawberries/jam got burned. My thermometer never got above 215 degrees. Where did I go wrong?

  22. Gloria Jele says:

    It is expensive to buy and my kids like it, now I'm going to cook some here at home. Thanks.

  23. We, lol, love watching y'all on Sundays 👩‍🍳🐈🐕🍓🛋️ Hold up….Jamming Party 🤔🎶 😆

  24. How do you store this jam for long term preservation?

  25. Can y’all do one using HONEY?! Thanks!!

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