How ketchup is made#ketchupmaking #factoryproduction #shorts
How ketchup is made#ketchupmaking #factoryproduction #shorts
December 29, 2023
How does an Escalator work?
How does an Escalator work?
December 29, 2023

How to make a HOT Chilli sauce | Hot sauce recipe | Buffalo sauce recipe | Peri-Peri recipe |

December 29, 2023

How to make a HOT Chilli sauce | Hot sauce recipe | Buffalo sauce recipe | Peri-Peri recipe |

December 29, 2023

How to make a HOT Chilli sauce | Hot sauce recipe | Buffalo sauce recipe | Peri-Peri recipe |

This is a real heat treat! Homemade chilli sauce! Cayenne peppers, red Thai chillies and bird’s eye chillies make up this SPICY chilli sauce. With a secret ingredient that will transform this sauce into your new favourite hot sauce.


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∙ 150 grams Cayenne chillies
∙ 100 grams Bird’s eye chillies
∙ 100 grams Red Thai chillies
∙ 2 onions
∙ 3 red bell peppers
∙ ½ cup minced garlic
∙ 1 cup canola oil
∙ 1 cup water
∙ 1½ cup sugar
∙ 2 cups white vinegar


∙ 1 tablespoon dried ginger
∙ 2 tablespoons Paprika
∙ 1 tablespoon salt
∙ 3 tablespoons Atchar masala
∙ 5 Bay leaves


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  1. This is an awesome chilli sauce . ……very sweet and hot 🔥

  2. This looks so good. Please share how long you cook the chilli for?

  3. What is the atchar masala?

  4. you lost me when you put the sugar in. theres much healthier alternative ways to add sweetness

  5. From my point of view this is a very good recipe but somewhat spoiled by addition of birds eye chilie. This recipe is far to hot and strongfor ordinary people. I give an example of my failure. I always made a vegetable achar using carrots cabbage and green beans that was alaways successful and enjoyed by all until I had the clever idea of using birds eye and that was only a desert spoon full. Nobody but any body could eat the vegetable achar and includes me and I grew up with a Madras father. I notice your testers were coughing and clrearing their throats. This is avery good recipe but omit the birds eye chilie. I am South African and understan Afrikaans perfectly. Have a good day mate and accept this is constructive criticism and not subjective. You Have nothing to prove.

  6. Hi, can I use green chillie

  7. @Niogaza says:

    Hi, what is the second greenish sauce at the end of the video?

  8. With a bit of bread & butter I could have eaten it as a soup after the 30mins simmering

  9. how long does it take to get spoilt?

  10. lekker man gaan dit toets

  11. Great recipe.
    As with all recipies one can make adjustments to suit personal taste. I added half a pineapple and some tamarind to enhance that sweet and tangy flavour. Thanks for sharing.

  12. @AndrewMauka says:

    Do you put oil when boiling

  13. @sawhuahable says:

    This is the best chilli sauce ever. Very delicious and consistency just nice. Thank you for sharing.

  14. @madmike3492 says:

    A little thick for a typical buffalo sauce. But it looks delicious. I usually ferment all of my hot sauces, but this looks so good I’m going to try it . Can’t wait for my peppers to ripen! Thank you for sharing

  15. Wasting alot of chili….just pinch off the stem!

  16. @SABradMan says:

    Hi W.A. Enige green chillies recipes? Asseblief

  17. Ok by the coughing of madam it is really firey!!!

  18. @yieldsource says:

    Salsa puree… bullshyt

  19. i like the combination of peppers. this would be shelf-stable for how long? mygreathanks and blessings😇

  20. My mense praat afrikaans 😙

  21. @genshin9324 says:

    How long does it last in room temp?

  22. @Jaydawg1250 says:

    Just subscribed. Love this. Looks terribly hot and spicy. Can't wait to try this.

  23. @Pyxe_ZA says:

    With the drone footage, I immediately knew this was South African, the Afrikaans in the end put the final nail in the coffin 😅. Baie dankie. Ekt 3 ander tipe rissies, maar ek glo die eind resultaat sal dieselfde wees

  24. @gocka182 says:

    What the point of making a video if you are gonna stay mute all day long?

  25. Just made this with slight variations, only had Birds's Eyes bushes. Just fantastic. Woooohoo. Excellent editing; easy to follow. Thank You.

  26. Dit lyk baie lekker? Gaan dit beslis probeer? Wat is daardie groen sous wat julle daar saam met die chilli sous en vleis eet? Dit lyk net so lekker? Hoe so aan? Julle kos en resepte is baie lekker? Baie dankie.

  27. Thank you for sharing your recepei Hot chili Garlic ☺️☺️☺️

  28. that sauce looks so good i got hungry

  29. Thank you so much for this! I've been looking for recipes since this morning and someone just offered to sell me an ebook for R100! That's daylight robbery! Thanks to you I just learned how to do it for free ❤️❤️❤️ God bless you.

  30. Baie baie dankie. Ek soek al lankal na sie resep. Ek kweek my eie verskillende rissies. Maal dit maar net gewoontlik met die nodige bestandele en lê in. Baie dankie

  31. Looks amazing. Will be trying for sure 👏

  32. Looks truly delicious 😋

  33. Hi great video, thanks a lot for the recipe. Can I find out what’s the quantity you got out (in litres/grams/millilitres) using the amount of ingredients you used?


  34. what is atchar masala which country u chanel

  35. I tried it and it is so delicious, thank you so much…

  36. How long are we keeping it outside the fridge and how long must we keep it in the fridge and I didn't understand the part after 30mnts are we waiting for it to be cool or we pour it inside the bottle while hot?

  37. Great Vid!!
    I'm trying an adaptation now using green chilli and habanero.

  38. I just subscribe 🤗 right video I was looking for thanks

  39. Lekker warm….🇿🇦

  40. gostei do molho e o lugar lindo.

  41. @gj2772 says:

    Hi, im from the uk, we dont use sugar as much over here, for example i was shocked to see you add all that sugar to the mix. I cant see why sugar is needed at all? Can you explain why you used sugar? Thanks.

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