How to Can Cherry Jam
How to Can Cherry Jam
November 28, 2023
Grow Lots of Tomatoes | 12 Tips | Complete Growing Guide
Grow Lots of Tomatoes | 12 Tips | Complete Growing Guide
November 28, 2023

How to Make 14 Day Pickles – The Best Sweet Crunchy Pickle in Appalachia

November 28, 2023

How to Make 14 Day Pickles – The Best Sweet Crunchy Pickle in Appalachia

November 28, 2023

How to Make 14 Day Pickles – The Best Sweet Crunchy Pickle in Appalachia

Sharing how to make 14 day pickles in this video. The recipe has been passed down in Matt’s family here in the Appalachian Mountains for generations.

Go here for recipe:

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  1. My Mom always tied the Cinnamon and cloves in a piece of cheese cloth.

  2. Marilyn R says:

    I do just like you. About the canning.

  3. Marilyn R says:

    I can't eat sweet pickle.i love fermented pickles.

  4. Peggy Reid says:

    My dearly departed husband was the canner in our family. My mom taught him. His bread and butter pickles were great but his dill pickles were the best I ever ate.

  5. What are the size of those glass jars?

  6. Janet Rogers says:

    Have you ever heard of glassing eggs?

  7. How many gallons are the glass containers? Is it not good to leave the cucumbers whole? Every recipe that I have seen says to slice them

  8. Would there be a way to put this in canning jars and seal lids for gifts?

  9. MN Sheila says:

    I found my Mom's recipe after she passed away. We thought it was lost. I was going through some of her cookbooks and kitchen notes. It was on a piece of notebook paper, very worn, in her beautiful handwriting. Treasured.

  10. Well… This is the second time cucumbers turned to absolute mush by day 7. I have followed instructions to the letter. I'm pretty sure it was because I used Kirbys. The 3-4 cucumbers that weren't Kirby, (the ones from my garden) were the only ones that didn't disintegrate! Do you think I'm onto something here? Is the skin or a Kirby just too delicate?

  11. Diana D says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to show us this! My the patience that you have is just incredible. Tradition is very important and a lot of people do not value that anymore! Thanks again for this wonderful video! ✌️❤️

  12. OutdoorsMan says:

    noone i know uses alum can ya tell me how much

  13. JP Gallo says:

    Just made these, and they are the best pickles I ever had. Family agrees. Smelled like Christmas with those spices too. Thank you for sharing the recipe!

  14. Hi, well I almost had a disaster so thought I’d pass it on for newbies. I mixed up my brine, yes so much sugar, like syrup. I have a ceramic top stove so it is difficult to can because it’s hard to control the temperature. I had it warming up in a good size kettle but I will use my largest one tomorrow; it boiled over! So quickly & I was watching it but turned for a minute. Oh my…. A sugary sticky mess for sure but I saved my brine! Thick smoke from brine burning on the ceramic top… got the windows open & a fan blowing. Wow! Brine in kettle never burned fortunately so I poured it over my pickles, husband helped me clean up. Tomorrows a new day. Whew….

  15. Where do you find walnut alum?

  16. Are they what’s called bread & butter pickles?

  17. Goodness. That’s a lot of work to process them.
    No wonder they are so good. Anything that tasty is worth working for.

  18. So interesting! Loved it. Always good to see Corie!❤❤

  19. Lee Valley says:

    We loved the "food in face " character! LOL excited to try this recipe too. We have a recipe done by, at least, 3 generations and it is special.

  20. Amy Hamilton says:

    Dear Tipper, The Fresh Market out of Greensboro always carries horseradish root here in New Orleans. Find out where they buy theirs….that'll help you grow it

  21. Hi, just found you today! I was looking for a chunk recipe with my over grown cucumbers. I peeled & chunked mine and have them in my brand new #3 crock I found at Brandt’s. I am so thrilled! I figure it should work by slicing first, hope so. Anyway, thanks! Enjoyed your tips! I’ve tried growing horse radish too… no luck.

  22. joe smith says:


  23. joe smith says:

    TIP!! If you use a fermenting jar(chinese) it has a glass bowl upside down as a lid and seal on top, heres the trick, put oil around the bowl as a seal and nor water, water evaporates-oil doesnt !!
    if u like kimchi, fermented veggies, this type of jar is very attractive and colorful to look it!! no more having to water it using oil !! easy!! 😊

  24. joe smith says:

    to prevent the mold, put a couple of shots of vodka in yhe water!! its an old fermenters trick! and they taste better too!! same with food you can in jars! 😊

  25. joe smith says:

    try and find those BIG fermenting jars ❤ somewhere!!! Walmart may have them, maybe amazon might!! 😊

  26. joe smith says:

    we could live without the guys talking in the background, its just as bad as videos with music playing and trying to talk to us!!

  27. Linda Snyder says:

    I make refrigerator pickles by saving the juice of any kind of pickles and slice up the cukes and add them to the juice and put them in the refrigerator for about a week …I usually cant wait so in like 3 or 4 days I am ready to try them….

  28. Years ago when my Mom was making these pickles and had gotten to the stage of adding sugar and she would sit the canister on a stool in the corner of the kitchen and my sister who was sweeping the kitchen floor accidentally tipped it over (was not hot) but oh we had a sticky mess!

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