Food Packing  Machine | Poha Packing Machine | Sensograph Multihead Packaging Machine
Food Packing Machine | Poha Packing Machine | Sensograph Multihead Packaging Machine
November 19, 2023
Delicious Fried Collard Greens With Sweet Pineapples #starspangleddishes
Delicious Fried Collard Greens With Sweet Pineapples #starspangleddishes
November 19, 2023

How To Grow Greenhouse Tomatoes | #1 Most Profitable Crop In The Market Garden

November 19, 2023

How To Grow Greenhouse Tomatoes | #1 Most Profitable Crop In The Market Garden

November 19, 2023

How To Grow Greenhouse Tomatoes | #1 Most Profitable Crop In The Market Garden

In this week’s episode, JM Fortier shares some of his tricks to master greenhouse tomatoes. Tomatoes are the most profitable crop in the market garden, if you apply those tips you will quickly improve your game! Check out our online course “Mastering Greenhouse Production” to get the hang of greenhouses from their selection to crop itineraries including tomatoes! 👉

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Dans l’épisode de cette semaine, Jean-Martin Fortier partage quelques astuces pour maîtriser les tomates de serre. La tomate est la culture maraîchère la plus rentable, si vous appliquez ces conseils, vous améliorerez rapidement vos techniques!Consultez le cours en ligne “Maîtriser la production en serre” pour tout savoir sur les serres, de leur sélection aux itinéraires de culture incluant les tomates! 👉

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  1. Skip the music altogether. We are listening to what you have to say.

  2. Mbah carrier says:

    Javanese culture in Indonesia understands that if we are friends with nature then nature will give us a lot of goodness, success for "Market …….." ….Java Central, Indonesia, watch this video

  3. How many kg per plant can you produced?

  4. Nghi Nguyen says:

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  5. Doesn't the plastic ground cover have a huge benefit that was not discussed- as far as minimizing disease? The leaves look extraordinarily green and spotless.

  6. I don't think I have heard you speak about rotation of your tomato crop? Do you grow tomatoes over and over again in the same greenhouse?

  7. Weza Cunha says:

    Thaks for the information

  8. E Chandler says:

    Great info! Where is your farm on the map and how many daytime hours of light do you get during the tomato growing season?

  9. MraLLn1 says:

    I have a question. Maybe someone here can help me with this. I am located in Georgia and next year I will be trying to grow around 450 tomato plants in two high tunnels. I want to graft all the tomatoes and I also want to hard prune them so that each one has two main stems. Just not sure which I should do first. Should I hard prune first to get the two leaders and then graft that to the root stock or should I graft the tomatoes first and once they are healed then do the hard prune to produce the two leaders. Can't seem to fine much info on this. Please help.

  10. what is the song at the end???

  11. what about woodchips in the greenhouse. Connor Crickmore from Neversink farm only uses wood chips over the plastic when growing tomatoes what is your thought ?

  12. thats one of rhe best videos i ve seen lately. i didnt think cover soil is good soil 😉 white at the bottom to reflect…smart 😉 tomatoe r my fav to grow and they arent easy. so susceptible to diseases ;(

  13. Henry says:

    You said “lower lean them and start a new”. What do you mean by start a new? Are you saying you pick another stem on that same plant and focus on that stem growing vertically until it touches the top again and then you repeat the process?

  14. 7 77 says:

    How do you do the grafting what plants do you use for the roots

  15. What a to-do. What's the return to loss ratio if you just let the plants do what they want ?

  16. We’re are you guys located?
    When I grow up I want too be a market gardener but…I’m 12.😅

  17. Ask Simon says:

    Would you be able to motivate and recommend me a market study/ business plan template for a greenhouse business for Tbilisi market. We have a land but running very low on money, and need to start a small profitable business that can scale eventually. I can share with you my email ID, if you can make this effort.

  18. Jeff Burke says:

    what state are these tomatos grown in?

  19. Karrah says:

    Hi there, does anyone happen know JM's spacing between rows? Bought his book & it doesn't say. Looks like maybe 3 feet?

  20. great info…question. the leaf edges on my tomatoes are curling and turning black.
    .is the temp. to high? thank you

  21. Would you recommend a new farmer just start out with tomatoes so as to get the cashflow rolling and then diversify later?

  22. Love these videos! Thanks for everything JM!

  23. What kind of plastic is being laid down here? Where would I find this kind of plastic? Thanks!

  24. Great video! Thanks for the tips and tricks, people really underestimate the knowledge on YouTube and from other farmers.

  25. Actually garlic is far more profitable.

  26. I would think market and labor would be bigger limiting factors on most farms than light.

  27. :56 seconds in,
    Those wires supporting the vines, what are those called/where can we find them?

  28. Farm Tribe says:

    Love these inside tips on n how you grow! Keep it up 👍🏻

  29. 2quick4 u says:

    Hi! is it a good idea to paint white the greenhouse plastic on top¿? thanks

  30. KJ Johnson says:

    Was that yellow sticky tape?

  31. getpunned says:

    how many beef stake tomatoes per truss?

  32. Thanks. Looks amazing!

  33. How are u supporting the greenhouse frame? From all the weight on the tomatoes, worries me about the greenhouse structure.

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