Pickling passivation treatment of stainless steel
Pickling passivation treatment of stainless steel
November 30, 2023
Modern Food Processing Machines operating at an Insane Level ▶2
Modern Food Processing Machines operating at an Insane Level ▶2
December 1, 2023

How I Make Tomato Sauce Using Tomatoes I Harvested From My BACKYARD! 🍅 Processing Start To Finish!

December 1, 2023

How I Make Tomato Sauce Using Tomatoes I Harvested From My BACKYARD! 🍅 Processing Start To Finish!

December 1, 2023

How I Make Tomato Sauce Using Tomatoes I Harvested From My BACKYARD! 🍅 Processing Start To Finish!

Hey guys! Welcome back to another ! This week is a one! We are processing all the that Ive harvested so far this year from my backyard ! Theres so much food you can do on a small space and I hope this video inspires you do some growing and preserving for yourself! Enjoy!


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All Music Used Is Epidemic Sound!

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  1. How are the shelfs in your kitchen attached to the wall ?

  2. @AMSanchez18 says:

    You do all the heavy work and your husband just stirs the sauce?

  3. Yes, our tomatoes go in the freezer as they get ripe also …that we don't eat fresh❤

  4. @kmarshall53 says:

    This is one of my goals this year – to can lots of tomato sauce! Loved seeing how the process goes. I only have a hand food milk, so I have a feeling I’ll be doing some labor intensive work. Thanks!

  5. @PDXTundra says:

    It’s too bad you couldn’t have eliminated the micro-hood during the remodel and figured out a different solution for placing a microwave. They take up too much room over the stovetop, and as in the case of yours, are usually mounted too close to the cooking surface. One of the biggest improvements we made during our kitchen remodel was to eliminate it and install a dedicated Vent-A-Hood, and bought a regular microwave oven and enclosed it in a cabinet away from the stovetop. Congratulations on the sauce, it’s beautiful!

  6. Hi, why do you take the rings off, won't that allow the air to get in?

  7. @dayna1683 says:

    I would love to be able to grow and can enough pickles for a whole year. That’s my goal this year! You are such an inspiration for me. I was scared of water bath canning at first but last year we did Jam as our first canning experience. We picked all the raspberries from my dads house and it made the most delicious jam. Thanks to the Ball recipe we followed. 🤗

  8. Run the skins through the press twice, there is a lot of flavor in them still. And when they are drained of flavor. Feed them to the chickens, 🐔 they love it and its good for them.

  9. @melissam450 says:

    You can certainly pressure cannon a s pith glass top stove. I do and lots of people I know and follow here on YT do!
    Looks like a lot of work.
    We always just cook ours down in a large roaster. Ladle out the extra juice, it makes a great juice for drinking. Use an immersion blender to blend the tomatoes down and smooth it out..
    Then start the canning process. On the glass cooktop. 😏

  10. @saraho7250 says:

    What variety of tomatoes do you grow?

  11. @bangreyy228 says:

    Haloo i'm from indonesia👋

  12. Can you use a juicer?

  13. @GoldLuxify says:

    Love it! I feel like canning is such a lost art, grandma's only type thing. This vid made me want to try it myself, but with apples 🙂

  14. @Looseey1973 says:

    Would love to see more canning.

  15. Definitely keep sharing your preserving videos please!

  16. You can take the skin and seeds and feed them to the chickens.

  17. I've never seen someone take the rings off of the jars before storing them. Why do you do that?

  18. Wow! You may be the next worldwide food processor. Amazing job you two did there. Great video!

  19. @cohiba1982 says:

    What state are you growing in? Or what region just curious because I’m relocating and looking at different grow regions.

  20. @SDQuilter says:

    I would definitely like to see that.

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