Tomato Paste Production Machinery
Tomato Paste Production Machinery
October 31, 2023
mayonnaise processing line , spread making plant  ,sauce making machine , ketchup making plant
mayonnaise processing line , spread making plant ,sauce making machine , ketchup making plant
October 31, 2023

How I Make Homemade Tomato Sauce! Canning My 2023 Tomato Harvest!

October 31, 2023

How I Make Homemade Tomato Sauce! Canning My 2023 Tomato Harvest!

October 31, 2023

How I Make Homemade Tomato Sauce! Canning My 2023 Tomato Harvest!

Hey Guys! Welcome back to another video! Today I’m sharing my tomato processing day! This is the bulk of the tomatoes I harvested from my backyard garden this year! I did can up a good amount of salsa and also crushed tomatoes this year as well but most are grown for making into SAUCE!!! This is my 4th year making homemade tomato sauce. This day is a long one but so rewarding! THIS TOOK 6 MONTHS IN THE MAKING!!! From seed to processing day, half the year has been devoted to growing tomatoes. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. linda linda says:

    Nice work! What is the brand of your tomato press and how much does it cost, thank you!

  2. Jessica J says:

    I have so far made 32 pints of salsa. I’m going to work on sauce in small batches soon!

  3. Abi Arat says:

    Can u show ur basement where all the produce are stored… i am gettinh really curious… by the way great work!!

  4. MWEBluewater says:

    Walmart sells traditional tomato sauce for $1.62 just sayin 😁

  5. Geraldine b says:

    What does the citric acid do?

  6. Heavenly bliss.shamim🦋🪢🌸🌀🛩🦅🧚‍♀️

  7. Jackie K says:

    Loved this video! Love how you teach things so simply and to the point! 😍💕

  8. A S P says:

    Fyi…That juice youre tipping out could be canned for soup starter, rice water etc❤

  9. I really love how your videos are right to the point. It's nice not having to watch you wash, cut, and can EACH tomato like other homesteaders do, which makes their videos an hour long. You recorded thawing, draining, boiling, pressing, and canning tomato sauce (as well as a peak of the finished product) all within a 10 minute video. Well done.

  10. Our Italian family just finished processing our tomatoes. We actually have the same brand tre Spade, it is an Italian brand from Italy, it is pricy but we have had ours for at least a decade. We get together and do it as a family, since we process a minimum of 150 quarts. 3 generations working together to preserve tomato sauce for the year. Yes even the kiddies help out.

  11. Could you give some of the skins and seeds to the chickens?

  12. Using/drying the pulp (tomato skins + seeds) is not worth your time and effort? Wow, it's a bit sobby but ok, you do you 😀
    I put all the pulp in a dehydrator and if the skins + seeds are snap dry, I blitz it up into a tomato powder. If you mix up one spoon full of tomato powder with two or three spoons of water, you get a nice thick tomato paste which got all the intense flavors of the tomatoes and can be used to create pasta sauce, etc. from scratch. Why buying tomato paste if you got it already and it would go to waste otherwise?

  13. Eddie Sams says:

    Thank you for making this video! This is fantastic. I grew 60 lb this year of San marzano's and this gives me an a good idea how many jars I can expect

  14. julieagain says:

    I saw on another channel ( I think the Honeystead ) she took the peelings & seeds freeze dried them then turned it into a powder. She then rehydrated the powder to make her tomato paste. She went on to say that’s how it’s commercially done. She said it worked wonderfully & will never throw out the perks & seeds again. Maybe it’s something you can try next year.

  15. Where did you find that wonderful stirring paddle?

  16. Patti Brotz says:

    My canning journey started just like yours. Now I’m looking to get a steamer/juicer. I have an apple tree and I would love to make juice. I love your electric press…that may be on my wish list too! Great video.

  17. What an awesome video.

  18. Colin Voss says:

    I have a juicer strainer for my kitchen aid and I use it with them fresh the garden and reduce by 1/2.

  19. amanimotto says:

    Bre, what was Citric acid for and did you have to wait for sauce to cool before putting in jars? How long to keep in jars after cooking before removing the screw top? Thanks you. I cant wait to make my own from all my tomatoes just sitting out there in my garden and that was after I gave up so much to friends 🧒

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