Friday Favorites: Lycopene Supplements and Tomato Sauce vs. Prostate Cancer
Friday Favorites: Lycopene Supplements and Tomato Sauce vs. Prostate Cancer
November 21, 2023
#MEAction & Mayo ME/CFS DX & Treatment Algorithm Explainer
#MEAction & Mayo ME/CFS DX & Treatment Algorithm Explainer
November 21, 2023

Homemade Oyster sauce

November 21, 2023

Homemade Oyster sauce

November 21, 2023

Homemade Oyster sauce

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  1. smile says:


  2. dapawta says:

    The store-bought stuff likely has dyes in it tbh

  3. Lucian says:

    What do you do with all this stuff you make? Sell it?

  4. Greg Beaudry says:

    Bender: BOIL! Interesting!
    Lela: Bender can you try to be a little quieter?
    Bender: No you shut up!

  5. Yeona Beck says:

    냄비가 추억돋네요 ㅎ

  6. bhai bhai says:

    Avinash ke footage sirf elvish se hi mil rhi hai

  7. Brian says:

    where do you get your hoodies?

  8. i think i prefer the colour of this sauce than thrme store bought one

  9. SBN says:

    How long would that last

  10. NGH Studios says:

    It looks like brown gravy.

  11. Rebecka says:

    I legitimately thought it was called oyster sauce as a condiment for oysters, I didn't realize it was made from them too. Definitely learned something today! I'll have to try this, I've wanted to expand my cooking horizons

  12. NinjaCell says:

    If you add a little bit of dark soy sauce it should change the colour

  13. Slo says:

    that’s a small mound compared to Floridas Oysters!:)

  14. tob sky says:

    For the dark colour, use dried oysters

  15. I’m so mad at you for wasting the solids 🫣

  16. it would be neat if they used the outer shells to make art or jewelry 🙂

  17. shexdensmore says:

    I just hope it has a good oyster conservation program.
    On thw other side of this, i wonder if their cement is cheaper than USA 🇺🇸

  18. Speaking as a Louisiana native who is only accustomed to only eating oysters fried and grilled, I am ✨flabbergasted✨ at how oyster sauce is made 😅

  19. spipy says:

    I use oyster sause alot and it never came to me that oyster sause was made of oysters…

  20. M Baron says:

    You just gave me an idea.

  21. Dalkam Marak says:

    he filtered out every single protein😂

  22. Not a fan of that sauce. But I do enjoy learning how to make it

  23. TNerdy says:

    I really hope they recycled those oyster shells

  24. V Wood says:

    I loathe oysters but love oyster sauce

  25. And then you can never use that blender pitcher again! 🧄+🌰+🦪=👃🤢🤮

  26. TiredOtaku says:

    My shellfish allergies are going crazy watching this lol

  27. Anthony 5811 says:

    Those raw oysters just screaming food Bourne illness

  28. Damn that’s disgusting

  29. camo hawk says:

    Sort of like making original ketchup. Made from mushrooms if anyone wants to make some. Find a recipe from the 18th century for how to make it. Yes you will have to translate the measurements into modern measurements but it tastes soooo good.

  30. Why is the one in stores darker? Coloring or is it a process difference?

  31. Nick Canales says:

    Wait….oyster sause has oysters in it? surprised pikachu face

  32. my opinion says:

    So much unnecessary killing. I'd rather have fried tofu.

  33. He discarded the oysters…

  34. celter.45acp says:

    Ok you lost me at using the water they came in

  35. Candyeyeball says:

    Gotta make some AMAZING fertilizer 🌱

  36. Rah says:

    Those poor oysters

  37. In my hometown of Apalachicola, FL we have so many oyster shells that we use them in our driveways instead of gravel lol. I believe we are the top exporter or shrimp and oysters in the world!

  38. I bet it’s delicious but I can only imagine how it smelled lol😭

  39. Tilda G. says:

    Can you do that with fish?
    Also can I skip the flour

  40. Dèvèn says:

    Discard the solids😢
    What a waste.

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