Small Scale  Canned Tomato Sauce Processing Machine Tomato Processing Equipment
Small Scale Canned Tomato Sauce Processing Machine Tomato Processing Equipment
November 9, 2023
Mastering the Art of Tomato Ketchup: A Step-by-Step Guide to Industrial-Scale Production
Mastering the Art of Tomato Ketchup: A Step-by-Step Guide to Industrial-Scale Production
November 9, 2023

Homemade Mayonnaise Immersion blender vs Food Processor | Bonus Maple Syrup InFused Mayo

November 9, 2023

Homemade Mayonnaise Immersion blender vs Food Processor | Bonus Maple Syrup InFused Mayo

November 9, 2023

Homemade Mayonnaise Immersion blender vs Food Processor | Bonus Maple Syrup InFused Mayo

Is easier to make with a food processor or an Immersion blender? Today we find out. Then we infuse our Mayo with Maple Syrup

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  1. i made mayo for the first time, it tase good but it was really runny. so at less i know what to do next time.

  2. DRISHANA1 says:

    Made it in the jar with yolks only. Perfect!
    Thank you

  3. pannellclara says:

    i’m def trying this👍🏼Thank You❣️

  4. Alan Hiatt says:

    Thanks for making this video. I didn't know mayo would be that easy to make. I like your idea of sweetening with maple syrup and thinking pickle juice instead if vinegar might add a bit too. Just a bit of pureed roast Jalapeno too. I think I could make that – thanks again.

  5. Q Chav says:

    Awesome . Trying to decide which food processor to buy. How well in makes mayonnaise no longer a criteria. Ease and time saving is why I want a food processor but you showed it’s not always the case. Thank you so much for your comparison

  6. Beth Wilson says:

    Went exactly by the directions. Didn't work at all. Very bland and runny. I'll keep looking.

  7. Mike Parsons says:

    Had to repeat video a few times. When was the oil added in the Ball Jar method method? Processor method had oil added early on, but wasn't on the Ball method….it just magically appeared when he was ready to blend. And was the White Wine Vinegar added to the Processor version?? I'll have to wing it.

  8. I do not have a full food processor and use the immersion attachment for chopping. I only use my blender for ice – which is designed for it – so no cleanup. I use the immersion tool for everything else. I usually can clean it with a spray bottle of water and not waste anything (like a smoothy.) A few squirts is all it takes. And … that's my life.

  9. shartne says:

    Hey I know this guy! I watch you every morning.

  10. Gerald Sahd says:

    Good video. I found yolk only that sometimes emulsifying was tricky. The answer is one yolk and one whole egg. Also olive oil is fine with a virgin or light olive oil. Cut back the salt with olive oil.

  11. Avery Milieu says:

    Back when Maple was a part of my diet my mayo (made in a blender with whole eggs) was maple and rice vinegar and a light oil. Often added garlic and black pepper, occasionally dried mustard.
    Now, I'm raising hens for eggs again and my mayo is lime juice and honey with a lighter olive oil — I'm considering avo oil, but I haven't found the stuff in a glass bottle, yet.
    Food processor is too large for a single person and one egg batches, so the immersion blender seems a good way to go.
    But I can't do seeds (Lectin diet) so it's garlic and honey…
    Peanut oil is terrible!
    Used that mayo (spoons and spoons of it) on hot pasta with grated cheese. On baked potatoes and my husband would spread it on meat — especially the garlic variety.

  12. muskateer10 says:

    Interesting that you did not need any oil in the Immersion blender version. Oh yeah, that's right; The oil magically showed up in the jar without you adding it in. Must be magic.

  13. Carlin Kay says:

    So the Immersion blender egg yolk recipe doesn’t have oil in it?

  14. Don't really know the difference between an immersion and an emulsion blender. They look the same to me. Anyway I use one of them. I use one whole egg, a pinch of salt and dribble the oil while blending until I get the consistency I want. No vinegar required. No separating white and yolk either. Makes a nice amount that it is used quickly so I don't have to worry about it spoiling.

  15. Don't wanna spoil the mood, but you should have added the oil way slower. That helps with the emulsification proces and greatly improves the texture. It should take somewhere around a minute to add all of your oil with the batch you're making.

    Hope this helps

  16. Just a stupid remark, but i have to say it because it is absurd. Pink Himalayan Salt comes from salt "mines" on the Himalayan Mountains, it is a salt that takes hundreds of years to be "created". But the packages we buy have an expiration date. I mean!!!!!! It has been sitting up there in the mountains for 250 million years but as soon as it is packaged it has an expiration date? Absurd!!!!!!!

  17. I tried someone else Mayo and yuk! I had to come back and make your Mayo with the stick blender was amazing. It had flavor. had me a Egg Salad Sandwich. yummy! I'm saving this one

  18. michael says:

    well done video, I cant wait to try this mayo recipe

  19. carol ogwin says:

    You could add about 1/2 tea of horse radish to the same mix, yummy. Thank you

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