November 26, 2023
Tomato Paste Production Machine Line
Tomato Paste Production Machine Line
November 26, 2023

Homemade Mayo – 2 Recipes, 2 Methods, Infinite Possibilities

November 26, 2023

Homemade Mayo – 2 Recipes, 2 Methods, Infinite Possibilities

November 26, 2023

Homemade Mayo – 2 Recipes, 2 Methods, Infinite Possibilities

In this video, I show you two different methods to make homemade mayonnaise from both olive oil and avocado oil. It is so easy, much more cost effective, and far healthier than buying mayo from the store. I also show a hack to pasteurize your mayo so that it will last up to a month in the fridge.

The two recipes I show allow for practically infinite customization and provide a starting point for you to tailor your own mayo recipe to your tastes.

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If you’re a CSI: Miami fan, make sure to watch all the way until the end. 😉

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  1. Serious Keto says:

    This generally happens if you overcook the egg mixture. You may want to check your thermometer's calibration by checking the reading on ice water and boiling water.

    I've had it happen twice (out of dozens of batches). Both times, I salvaged it by putting another yolk and a TB of water into a new mason jar. I blended with the immersion blender and then slowly drizzled in the "broken" mayo while continuing to blend and very slowly lifting the blender up. Each time, it actually came out thicker than if I had made the initial batch successfully. Good luck!

  2. Sheila Gray says:

    You don’t need to cook the eggs. Just sit them out to reach room temperature. Don’t add water, just use the egg whites.

  3. David Kane says:

    Sweetener? That's new. Must try.

  4. My homemade mayo set hard in the fridge but the store stuff doesn't set any ideas on how to fix this

  5. Jim Rogers says:

    I don't get why you need sweetener. Years ago mayo had no sugar and now both Cains and Helmans have added sugar. But i don't think we need added sweetener in this mayo.

  6. Tiger Bunny says:

    I love that you have an old beater for a food processor. Keeps it real…just like everyone else.

  7. Jessica Bard says:

    Still a great recipe and instruction! Thanks Steve!

  8. Hi Steve. I came across a video where they put either sauerkraut whey or yogurt whey which fermented it and makes it last for months in the fridge. I thought it was so interesting and wanted to share that with you. You probably already know it lol (Homesteading Family is the channel)

  9. Tulips Moran says:

    I often include onion powder – scant – just for a savory kick. And for potato salad (know its not KETO) or tuna salad I add strained dill pickle juice as my acid. I've even substituted some cranberries for and interesting chicken salad.

  10. Daniel C says:

    I'm assuming the microwaving was the pasteurization process? 🤔 Did I miss that?

  11. Angie Smith says:

    Why do you add water that's first time I've seen that

  12. Angie Smith says:

    Can you use sunflower oil can that be a healthy oil

  13. I am going to use butter instead of oil.

  14. Brilliant…Brilliant…My Mon Ami. Just one last question… How long will it keep in the Fridge…? And ThankU…Hah..

  15. ripley275 says:

    Do I have to cook the egg? I don't have a micro anymore & don't want one. I've been making mine cold, sometimes with a room temp egg. You had me when you stated it was Better than Hellmans!

  16. Linda Morgan says:

    Will flax eggs work?

  17. Terry Riley says:

    I tried the hack, but I'm guessing I need a new thermometer as after 60 seconds it only got to 120…it was thicker kinda like a curd or gravy consistency…I strained it, no chunks…I only had regular yellow mustard …so I most definitely will get some Dijon …but I may add a pinch more of sweetener…over all it did taste good…but not Miracle Whip good 😅😊😂

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