Jam canned production line
Jam canned production line
December 7, 2023
Foodmek Food Processing machinery design and manufacturing | Filling Machines | Tanks & Vessels
Foodmek Food Processing machinery design and manufacturing | Filling Machines | Tanks & Vessels
December 8, 2023

Harvesting Pickling & Fermenting Lot of Cucumbers in a Crock

December 7, 2023

Harvesting Pickling & Fermenting Lot of Cucumbers in a Crock

December 7, 2023

Harvesting Pickling & Fermenting Lot of Cucumbers in a Crock

Here are my tips for how I grow lots of cucumbers in just a few raised garden beds. I also demonstrate how I pickle cucumbers in a large crock pot lacto fermentation style with a simple recipe included.
Fermenting crock used in video can be purchased on Amazon here:
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  1. Can you can fermented pickles

  2. @emarrama says:

    Does the longer fermentation make the pickles soft? You had a great crunch after 8 days. I’m making my first batch today!!

  3. @mrsseasea says:

    I grew dill….but I think it was dear that ate them?

  4. Cold pack all day! I can't stand a soggy pickle 🥒🤮. The FoodSaver has a vacuum seal attachment for sealing cold pack pickle.

  5. Hey mark it’s been a long while since you’ve done a cucumber video…(hint hint***) cheers!

  6. Do you think if you grew cucumbers indoors they can grow continuously through the entire year? As long as you keep picking the young cucumbers.

  7. @fufufuaru says:

    ayyyy reservoir dogs!

  8. why not sweat pickles? lol

  9. @only-vans says:

    G'Day Mark,
    I know that I'm reviving a very old comments thread here, for that I have no regrets 🙂
    Loving everything that you do and grow out in the garden
    Loving these vids where we see what to do with the food that you grow.
    Now I'm gonna have to search through all your old vids too see how many more like this you have made.
    …..Let's get into it 👍

  10. my mouth is watering, just like dad made

  11. Thanks for the info and a great video! Juat wondering where you get a Croc like that from please? Also where do you purchase your jars, lids etc.?

  12. @Sonia-hw3yx says:

    I love watching 👀 your videos. Since I discovered your channel, I'm so keen to get started and grow and pickle my fruits and vegetables of my labour.

  13. Legend, love your work.
    Trying this for my first time..

  14. Wish I had this overabundance issue with some of my hot peppers

  15. Sucks when more food pops up I feel you man lol

  16. How long do they keep in the fridge?

  17. 👍just looked delicious 😋

  18. confusing but these not look like normal cucumbers, but pickles

  19. @timx9661 says:

    If you don’t have grape leaves, bay leaves are a good tannin substitute and adds a nice flavor.

  20. I usually let a few on the vine get epically big. This way I have seeds to replant and some for roasting. So good as a snack.

  21. @spaknives says:

    Excellent video! Really enjoyed how you went from growing, picking, fermentation, to the taste test. I just picked a bowl full of pickling cucumbers and definitely want to give fermented pickles a go!

  22. Right on, mate! A crock of fermented cucumbers is a net positive in this crazy world.

  23. Pickles everywhere is a great problem 🤣

  24. Thank you! I have done organic gardening for over 55 years but I have never fermented any of my bounty. I really benefited from your videos watching you go through the process. I am glad you added these recipes to your channel!!

  25. If the leaves on my young cucumber plant have started to turn brown should I pluck them off and what does that signify?

  26. What's your salt ratio????

  27. best pickle I ever had in my life was from a middle eastern gentlemen in Thailand- natural ferment- WOW.

  28. Is there a kind of cucumbers better for pickels?

  29. I did a quart jar of carrots after watching your video on fermenting tomatoes. I watched many video and tried to follow the recipe. Used bay leaf as I read it will do the same as a grape leaf. Ooooo weeee was it salty and had an odd flavor. Just wondering what I did wrong.

  30. My sons and I love your gardening and bird videos. Now I’m discovering you have some preservation and recipe videos! This is great!! I hope you make more of these kinds of videos as well. Love your website also.

  31. What is the life span of cucumber plant. How much fertilizer it needs to good harvest.

  32. @lv224 says:

    Great viewing but WHY are most videos uploaded from years ago? Very few suggested videos on YT from recent or new stuff from Self Sufficient Me.. Mark is a great educator and entertaining.

  33. ahh yes nothing like fried soil!!!!!

  34. @SD-iy3sp says:

    Hinestly, I would have severely doubted my pickle sanitation if I had seen the white in the liquid. GOOD JOB on being so practical to include the taste testing…you answer so many questiins.

  35. @SD-iy3sp says:

    loooove your videos. u r practical. May I suggest….some of our phones have issues with shade-videos so could you please consider video'ing in the sun? I appreciate your letting me comment (no criiticism intended). tyvm!

  36. Love your videos..may I please ask where you got your pot thing from please

  37. what do you do about powdery mildew on the leaves ?

  38. @MG._.MG13 says:

    Can I add vinegar to the brine mark ?

  39. Another great video,awesome Thankyou.

  40. Now 1.3 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! September 2021!

  41. @diann9159 says:

    I keep reading that you need to cut off a little bit of both ends or they would be soft. Does the grape leaf prevent softness? Thanks

  42. @CatTrades says:

    Harvesting Question: which Fruits should be cut at the stem vs. separated from the point of where the blossom was?

    Thanks for posting these vids with such great variety. I’ve learned a lot from dirt to harvest to food prep (brine and such).

  43. Hi Mark. This is a great video. Will currant leaves work as a substitute for grape leaves?

  44. Hey there. We just harvested our first pickling cucumbers ever. We're very excited even though it's just 2 of them so far. Is there any concern with just pickling 2 cucumbers?

  45. @tadatada5 says:

    Not in theme but i bet you didnt tried this – First harvest cucumber must be sliced into slices 5-10mm thick and then spill on slice tea spoon of fresh honey. you gona be surprised!

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