Make the CRISPEST, CRUNCHIEST Canned Pickles EVER! (Use THIS Method)
Make the CRISPEST, CRUNCHIEST Canned Pickles EVER! (Use THIS Method)
November 11, 2023
Traditional, Authentic, Italian Homemade Tomato sauce (Passata) from scratch
Traditional, Authentic, Italian Homemade Tomato sauce (Passata) from scratch
November 11, 2023

Growing Tomatoes is Easy | How to Grow Tomatoes from Seed

November 11, 2023

Growing Tomatoes is Easy | How to Grow Tomatoes from Seed

November 11, 2023

Growing Tomatoes is Easy | How to Grow Tomatoes from Seed

Tomatoes are easy to grow.
Did you know that 1 tomato seed will produce 30 tomatoes?

How to Grow Tomatoes from Seed?

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– Save seeds from last year’s harvest.
– Plant them in moist soil 1 cm deep.
– The first tomato plants will appear after 2 weeks.
– After 1 month, tomato seedlings are ready for transplanting.
– To reduce the shock, water them before transplanting.
– Dig a hole, 20 cm deep, in cultivated soft soil.
– Add organic fertilizer: sheep manure and compost.
– Add ground eggshells – tomatoes love calcium!!!
– Plant the tomato plant as deep as possible to develop a large root system.
– In the end, water it abundantly and do not water it for the next 10 days, this encourages deep-root growth.
-Tomatoes grow vertically and need support.
– Cultivate the ground around them and make channels for easy watering.
– Water abundantly once a week during the summer.
– After 2 months from planting, they will begin to ripen. The taste of homegrown organic tomatoes is indescribable!!!

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  2. If it’s warm or you have a heat mat they sprout real quick like 5 days

  3. Diana says:

    I have a tomato plant in a little plastic pot and it’s grown high, I want to plan in ground so I just need some fertilizer and egg shells?

  4. Please read all of this😊 God bless them and all of you reading this. Give your lives to Christ because He died on the cross, rose from the dead on the third day and is sitting at God’s right side in heaven. He did all this so that we could be forgiven our sins and have eternal life with God in Heaven. We are free but don’t use your freedom to indulge in unnecessary things and sins. We are made free to have faith in God and God so loves us. Never forget that God is for you, He will not leave you not forsake you. God knows your heart, so trust in Him with all of your heart. God is worth it. I love you all and so do God❤️

  5. I never liked tomatos till I grew my own.

  6. John says:

    Tomatoes split if you give them too much water

  7. Work Phone4 says:


  8. That is amazing and tasty

  9. You know it would be nice to know how to store the seeds. And thanks.😊

  10. Azar Azosh says:

    Adding egg shells do NOTHING. It will take 1000s of years to decompose. Buy organic fertilizer with calcium.

  11. Ive had my tomato plant for a year now. It’ll only grow small tomatoes. And the seeds were from big tomatoes.

  12. How are people killing tomato plants. You literally have to try to kill them lol.

  13. David settle says:

    Any extra seeds to give away

  14. Jacob Park says:

    The yeehaws 🎉🎉😅

  15. Ricky Sekhon says:

    Don’t ever shower a tomato it will get pron more deseases.

  16. KUMEL TANI says:

    tomat yang sangat subur

  17. Burago2k says:

    Tomatoes aren't easy at all, there are many desieses that screw them over and its of course easy when you only have a small garden and its not your income.

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