Jam Processing, #foodtechnology
Jam Processing, #foodtechnology
October 28, 2023
Modern Food Processing Technology with Cool Automatic Machines That Are At Another Level Part 3
Modern Food Processing Technology with Cool Automatic Machines That Are At Another Level Part 3
October 29, 2023

Growing Tomatoes Indoors With 94% Less Water And No Soil

October 29, 2023

Growing Tomatoes Indoors With 94% Less Water And No Soil

October 29, 2023

Growing Tomatoes Indoors With 94% Less Water And No Soil

With climate change and rising populations, we have to find more sustainable ways to farm our food. Are hydroponic greenhouses the key to farming’s future? Subscribe to ABC Science YouTube 👉

This is an excerpt from the Australian documentary series, Catalyst: Feeding Australia, originally broadcast on 14th August 2018. The full program will be available for Australians to watch:

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  1. ABC Science says:

    Thanks for watching! Check out more 'Inside Our Food' videos here 👉http://ab.co/3oIWIRa

  2. buchibabu b says:

    Can you clarify, how they getting the minerals….just chemicals

  3. Marc Verosel says:

    What kind of variety?

  4. Saiful Sojib says:

    What's the name of this variety?

  5. I am from India,really very good. I am interested also

  6. Mbah carrier says:

    Javanese culture in Indonesia understands that if we are friends with nature then nature will give us a lot of goodness, success for "ABC…….." ….Java Central, Indonesia, watch this video

  7. How does the soil-biology under the high-tunnels do? What is the carbon foot-print of all of the industrial waste produced? It would be great if high-tunnels could be moved and used with a goal to help nourish the life underneath the human-centric business. Like the way a chicken-run can be moved around a garden. Imagine leaving the soil beneath with more life than was before. Then moving the operation to another plot to do the same. Regenerative hoop-nomadic systems focusing less on the human centric need and the need of the place it is based.

  8. Ang Su says:

    How can I apply job there 🤩 I love plants 🌱

  9. TAZ says:

    What is the name of the type of tomato

  10. future and lifetime style of farming if AI world exist.

  11. This has been used for decades by the Dutch. In the USA we are still farming in the desert and wasting billions of gallons of water.

  12. L00n1x says:

    With Regenerative Farming you dont need facilities like this. IJS.

  13. Andreas Hamm says:

    So awful to see the mass produced tomato. All production. No flavour. No beauty. What’s the point?

  14. Davmus69 says:

    No soil means no nutrients and that means disease

  15. Use bees. More sustainable.

  16. Nice but start up cost will be crazy

  17. Rajiv Singh says:

    Plants grown without soil is very very harmful for humans in long run,this is because in soilless environment we try to directly feed nutrients to plants and that is very wrong

  18. Joseph Evans says:

    This is exactly why everybody on the planet should be growing something in their yard

  19. Joseph Evans says:

    Two downsides there's no pollination and they taste like s***

  20. animalheart says:

    94% water mith is based on a research paper that was retracted…
    By the way… most of farms are in places where there is rain enough to sustain it Exept for few weeks where it needs to be helped…

    Ergo, farmers use natural meteoric water that should not be taken in the account… and the rain water that passes trough farms go to refill underground reserves.
    Most greenhouses use underground water.
    Those greenhouses consume land locking it up for 3 or 4 crops without any benefits to local flora and fauna i could go on…
    This is not economically sustainable due to stellar high starting costs and a business plan that cannot compete with real farmers and is based on rarity of goods in specific seasons… so once enough of these will be placed on land they'll all go bankrupt together
    I could go on and on talking about fertilizers and pesticides the use isn't reduced…
    Strawberries harvested from greenhouses have traces of 14+ pesticides on them

  21. May i know what is tamota seed name…. 🧢

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