How to Make Mayonnaise Gordon Ramsay
How to Make Mayonnaise | Gordon Ramsay
October 6, 2023
How to Make Mayonnaise
How to Make Mayonnaise
October 7, 2023

Growing TOMATOES 🍅 From Seed To Fruit – 160 Days Time Lapse

October 7, 2023

Growing TOMATOES 🍅 From Seed To Fruit – 160 Days Time Lapse

October 7, 2023

Growing TOMATOES 🍅 From Seed To Fruit – 160 Days Time Lapse

160 days time lapse of growing tomatoes from seed to fruit. Watch me as I grow cherry tomatoes in a small pot indoors. Growing tomatoes at home is easy if you follow my video and avoid some of the common gardening mistakes that I made. My cherry tomato plant grew to its full size in 5 months (approximately 16″ in height) and I grew tomatoes in small 7″ clay pot indoors with occasional exposure to sun. This time lapse video of tomato took me 160 days to make. The cherry tomato variety that I used is called Tiny Tim. It is determinate dwarf tomato variety which means it does not produce vine and grows like a bonsai. These tomato plants are cute and suitable for growing on patio or even in your living room under a LED plant lamp.

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Camera used to film this video is Atli Eon:
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00:00 Planting Tiny Tim Cherry Tomato Seed In Pot
00:19 Tomato Plant Germinating From Seed
01:15 Moving Plant To A Larger Pot
01:56 Cherry Tomato Flowers
02:25 Growing Phase of Cherry Tomato Fruit
03:32 Harvesting Cherry Tomato
03:49 Tiny Tim Cherry Tomato Seed Pack
03:58 How Big Is Tiny Tim Cherry Tomato?
04:16 Eating Tiny Tim Cherry Tomato Uncooked
04:33 Tiny Tim Tomato Plant Full Size Growth

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  1. RapidLapse says:

    Many of you asked for a full tomato timelapse video from seed to fruit. It took me almost 6 months to make this video but here it is finally. Enjoy! 😊

  2. that's the same type of tomato that my garden has

  3. Faihan Ahmed says:

    can u give me the seed packet

  4. Carl Quays says:

    Amazing how Allah gives life to nothing. Brings out the green and red for us to eat, and yet many won’t say “Thank you”.

  5. 5 1/4 months for 1 cherry tomatoe

  6. Danny Fahmy says:

    tomatos are vegtables

  7. wclaurence says:

    Mine are stuck on Day 12. No more growth.

  8. Dood G says:

    No they went yellow because I was missing potassium and magnesium feed

  9. Its very satisfy to watch how new life begin while more leaves this world

  10. SUMIT POP G says:

    What I Do This type of tamato

  11. Kevin Byrne says:

    Great videos and good work. I love time lapse so much i will setup my own studio i will purchase the camera from your link. However what lighting are you using and if so please send link so i can purchase from you. 🙂

  12. Propaganja says:

    Buy Heirloom seeds! Theyll grow back yearly! Idk the exact variety i have but i havent planted tomatoes in about 3-4 years they keep coming back on their own

  13. Do we have to watered daily

  14. Yao Yayra⚡ says:

    Nice content … cherry tomatoes usually bear a bunch of fruits but probably this couldn't get the right conditions

  15. Clearly a determinate variety since the flower stems came out of the stems.

  16. I’m currently growing tomatoes,after 71 days I have around 14 tomatoes per seed , i focus on the plants a lot to get more yield , I guess the main thing was to take of the (legs) so between the stem and the main leaves I pluck the legs that grow out the stem so the the plant can focused more on the tomatoes and also helps the plant to grow up instead of outwards.

  17. I have to water mine everyday because they are left outside in blazing heat and get dry everyday

    They are growing exponentially and impressed a couple people who want me to grow some for them, I warned them it’s a little late in the season and you may have to buy a grow light and take them inside when it starts getting cold and snowing

    Plants are Atleast 5 feet tall have like 20 of them all grown from seed. Very easy and fun for beginners

  18. gallev15 says:

    Hey I dont want to be annoying or rudeza, but did you check already your tumbnail ? I see u have a line in it do u know why is it there?

  19. Zayn Umar says:

    I’m Growing the exact same plant atm ! My 🍅 plant is at the flowering stage! 🌱

  20. Why me tho says:

    I didn’t planted my plants long time ago and there already bigger than yours, maybe because different kind of tomato

  21. Sometimes it truely amazes me how beautiful nature actually is 😊

  22. Michael says:

    Grows a plant for 160 days.

    Gets ONE vegetable fruit.

  23. S.the.3rd says:

    Just started planting my own tomatoes. This was lovely to watch! Can't wait for my own tomatoes too 🙂

  24. Time scale is not accurate tomatoes take longer , it takes 14 days for the seed to germinate , and after that near 30 days for it to produce second pair of leafs

  25. I just got my first red tomato!

  26. Blue Line says:

    Life is so beautiful. Emerging almost from nothing…. Can you please tell us what lights U have used especially in the flowering and fruit-making stage? Thank you very much!

  27. at the beginning you can put plastic bottle on it so it keep the heat inside and grow faster 😊

  28. You picked the tomato too soon. It wasn't ripe. All that anticipation and patience… right up until the end, where you threw it out the window.

  29. Took a lot of efforts, Nice video, Thanks for sharing RapidLapse

  30. Il fallait secouer les fleurs pour qu’elles se polenisent et donnent des fruits. J’en cultive en appartement et c’est la seule méthode qui fonctionne puisqu’il n’y a pas d’insectes pour passer de fleurs en fleurs.

  31. Also do not eat the tomato seed when you drink water after that it will grow inside of you

  32. at june 25 2023 i see this tomato plant the first time i see a fruit on a plant is was in Atlanta at i saw a pepper

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