A Few Key Things to Know About Pickles & Cucumbers
A Few Key Things to Know About Pickles & Cucumbers
November 18, 2023
The Ketchup War: How Heinz & French’s turned the ‘Tomato Capital of Canada’ into a battleground
The Ketchup War: How Heinz & French’s turned the ‘Tomato Capital of Canada’ into a battleground
November 18, 2023

Grow Tomatoes NOT Leaves | How to Prune Tomato Plants for LOTS of Fruit

November 18, 2023

Grow Tomatoes NOT Leaves | How to Prune Tomato Plants for LOTS of Fruit

November 18, 2023

Grow Tomatoes NOT Leaves | How to Prune Tomato Plants for LOTS of Fruit

Do this for Bigger Better Tomatoes!


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  1. My Roma Tomato plants are really tall… butI have no fruit? Do you know why?🤷‍♀️

  2. I still speed it up, but really appreciate the full explanations. This is such precious information we ALL NEED in this shift in global acts shifts, undermining our food supply

  3. We have high winds here, and so I can't do that particular style of growing but I do have 9 foot square tomato cages(self made) that I stake to a metal fence post (18 inches in the ground minimum) and that seems to keep everything upright.

  4. Rory Goodden says:

    What do you mean by family on one plant, I’m confused. Can u elaborate somehow or how do i identify it. Lost all to blight.

  5. I’m here for the scarole

  6. ann says:

    So i was checking out the merch down below and i have got to get that light gray cozy sweater for winter and also that garden is life mug just to be ready, lol ! i do have your other products and i wouldnt buy anything else.:)@——–

  7. This was so helpful!! My tomatoes are almost as tall as me and full of fruit!!! 🎉

  8. Tammy Depew says:

    What can I do about tomato leaf curl? We had such a hot dry spring/ early summer which I thought that’s what started it but now we are having frequent rain.

  9. My tomatoes are caged and beyond, some have fallen over, how much should I prune…

  10. Hi James love your videos. My problem is my tomatoes trees are about nine feet tall , can I cut in half.

  11. Always cooperate with you 😊

  12. Such a loyal good friend 😊

  13. Everyone desire self sufficient and self control 😊

  14. This is not enough .this is always we suppose to live work at all 😊only be with nature daily only 😊

  15. China has free bishop community agriculture professionals support too also home fishing pool raise fish support 😊fix all problems support self grower be able to self sufficient and everyone get enough fresh food and energy daily 😊

  16. They don’t understand both sun and humans are all free energy 😊

  17. Not current don’t care . Ppl like us totally shocked no experience got bug bite disease bad weather still no food no energy if they can just free support when we be able to generate our own food and energy we will donate to them also win win 😊

  18. All home garden government need give glass ceilings also solar panel free to help prevent pests bad weather generate energy too😊

  19. What if I have a few tomatoes at the bottom?

  20. I don't know the difference between determinate and indeterminate tomatoes. I am growing cherry tomatoes this year. What group do they belong to?

  21. I do all the same things that you do to my determinate tomato plants except I do double stems. I leave the sucker above the first fruit cluster to become a second stem. I don't find it reduces the fruit size greatly and of course doubles the yield of the plant. I always have a few single stem just for the sake of comparisons. I do a significant amount of experimentations just to see what works and what doesn't. This year I'm all in five gallon containers, nothing in the ground. This way I rest the soil bed a year to rebuild it's nutrients and minerals. Overworked soil produces less healthy plants each year after about four years of planting.

  22. Max says:

    ❤ been watching your channel ( I thought I hit subscribe) today. noticed differently, SO hit it sub!!! ❤ P.s. Built your 4 x8 pallet box (4) and forgot TOMATOES need Room!! Planted 10 . Result. Tomato jungle!!! ❤.

  23. Lee Kelley says:

    Nice vids bro we just moved out to the country and got plenty of land to plant and grow whatever we want. No HOA, city, nothing. First thing we started planting was cherry tomatoes and they’re doing great and I’m growing them up like you are. Next we’re about to plant peppers, green beans and zucchini.

  24. What do you use for mulch? TIA!

  25. Argh… Today's weather forecast was clear! I pruned extensively, and it rained all evening. 😢

  26. Lchichi says:

    Love it bud. Thanks this is just what I needed to hear. Keep growing food!

  27. Jerry Lin says:

    Do you remove every single suckers from the tomato plant or just the ones below the first fruit cluster?

  28. Debra Nunez says:

    what state are you in?? doesn't that matter? I am in OKC and it's different than Texas or Kansas .. right? love the videos… short, SHOWY (of actual clipping and touching where we need to cut, pinch, dig, tie, etc… really makes it easier to see HANDS ON Plants!! Good job kiddo!! lol… love the energy!!

  29. Carrie Coan says:

    I too love the fast talk and I’m from the deep south! You pack your videos with tons of info! There is no long drawn out explanations full of things we don’t need to know. You’re the best! Thanks for sharing!

  30. KSP says:

    I've seen tomatoes produce extremely well with four hours of sunlight daily. Prune them well to allow sunlight into the middle of the plant and space them a little further apart. Super Fantastic is an excellent hybrid for part shade like that.

  31. Tayto says:

    So I have to keep my tomato’s in buckets, because we have a terrible vole problem in the area. We are in a hot, but humid climate and the heat can reach 105f. I don’t use mulch, just soil. Should I try this with mulch or not? What would you recommend?

  32. R A says:

    Love watching your videos! ❤

  33. Can long droopy leaves be cut shorter.

  34. Sista Chic says:

    I'm new to your channel, and I'd like to thank you for finally clarifying that you don't prune determinate tomatoes. None of the pruning videos I've watched ever say that! I'd also like to give you a high five🖐for talking about getting out into the garden regardless of the weather. I can't believe how many lazy gardeners are out there. I've worked in drizzle, overcast, blistering hot, whatever. If the garden needs your time, it needs your time. Anyway, thanks!

  35. MissPImake says:

    Hi James, do you remove the suckers off the cherry tomatoes?

  36. Im building my first garden with a variety of things so all the information helps. Im getting a greenhouse as my warm seasons are 7-8 months out of the year.

  37. Just ... no says:

    Thank you for the info!

  38. B K says:

    Question… I’ve seen people harvest the lowest set of ripe fruit and then prune off up to the next fruit branch. This continues to focus on the fruit. Any ideas on the later season upkeep after the plant has produced? Thanks

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  40. Eric Reniers says:

    love the message in the middle, thanks for that! its inpiering and you are totaly right!!

  41. Deborah Hahn says:

    Scared to cut the bottoms off but gonna take your advice!

  42. Donna Brooks says:

    As always, a great video

  43. Lol been trying to learn for years on toms. What if i take to many suckers? Also i think i clipped the top by accident? Few are Roma and other are beef steak and a couple other types. Also this year I'm doing most of mine in a greenhouse. Love your channel

  44. Beth Webb says:

    Thank you so much for the help on tomato pruning James!! Love that Tuck!!!

  45. Ruby Zan says:

    I have very few flowers on the plant. I prune. But still very few flowers. Anyone know why? Is it normal to have only three or less flowers on a plant?

  46. supramby says:

    I call this guy the arm flailing gardener.

  47. Love your channel, you mentioned companion plants one of them being borage? Not sure if the spelling but want is the significance of that plant? Thanks Don

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