How we jam: FigJam for designers
How we jam: FigJam for designers
November 27, 2023
Scallion Tofu Stir Fry- #15 minutes dinner ideas, #tofu-葱爆豆腐
Scallion Tofu Stir Fry- #15 minutes dinner ideas, #tofu-葱爆豆腐
November 28, 2023

Grow More Tomatoes NOT LEAVES!!!

November 28, 2023

Grow More Tomatoes NOT LEAVES!!!

November 28, 2023

Grow More Tomatoes NOT LEAVES!!!

Growing tomatoes has got to be my favorite gardening experience! Check out my biggest secret to growing a TON of tomatoes.

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  1. R. Jones says:

    So glad i came across thia very civilized, uet, passionate, DISCUSSION. Ypu all are to be commended.

    I grow a couple of varioties on patio. My issue has been the earliest sunlight it gets is just before 2pm. So, the tomatoes plants tend to get leggy. As a novice grower, i did cut the leaves to this extent on one of my experimental plants. It is still producing tomatoes for the moment. I am in NC and brought my plants in to protect from the subfreezing temps. They responded quite well. The other one is cherry tomatoes and it's definitely putting out fruits. I didn't prune this plant as much leaving a few stems and leaves that show the flowers. With the liquid fertilizer in the water, it's thriving okay. The real experiment is to see if the cherry will produce through the winter.

  2. I just pruned all the leaves from my plant. Did I mess up?

  3. Liz Xu says:

    Doesn't work every time, sorry bud

  4. MrMawnster says:

    Depends on the time on the season. If you want to maximize fruit the plants need their solar panels tbh. That's what you do late game.

  5. El Sancho says:

    This gives you less tomatoes but better quality….

  6. Please dont do this people its such a ridiculous myth that has somehow turned into common garden knowledge, i did this method for 4 tomato plants this season, and decided to leave the rest of them alone without fucking with them. I shit you not the plants that were untouched had main stems twice as thick with huge leaves compared to the pruned ones. Fruit was off the chain and even tasted way sweeter despite being the same variety. All i did when pruning tomatoes was set them back each time i removed a sucker, none of that energy is magically redirected to the fruit it just becomes lost and then the plant is going to use whatever energy it has left to keep making suckers because they are genetically driven to produce MORE fruit not bigger and sweeter fruit, thats why suckers will continue to grow no matter how much you prune and

  7. Pucker Fist says:

    I did this and it slowed production and stressed my tomatoes out, id still prune it but only the lower leaves not so much

  8. The one plant you don't add to the compost pile is tomatoes. They are arguably the greatest carrier of blight, verticillium wilt, fusarium, powdery mildew, etc. In all likelihood it will contaminate your compost. And as many people have pointed out: Don't prune so heavily in hotter zones. Also, if you live in an area with longer hot seasons you don't have to pick all the sucker branches because they will have time to develop fruit.

  9. ERM AV says:

    I let my plants grow 2 to 3 suckers. This results in 2-3x more tomatoes. Don’t believe me? Try for yourself:)

  10. Why does my tamato plant look like a upside down ice cream cone ?

  11. That's not necessary, only cut the inferior leaves to avoid powdery mildew, miliu, etc. But the higher ones besides of making a beautiful plant it protects the tomatoes from wind and sunburns

  12. Sean Goff says:

    Wait, aren’t the leaves what gather the sun’s energy?? More leaves technically means more energy collection. Don’t believe me? Explain how
    Having fewer solar panels makes more energy. It doesn’t. Your plant gets energy from the sun and the leaves are the mechanism for capturing that energy.

  13. BMWclubb says:

    I did this one year to my tomatoes and pepper plants. Got a such a low harvest that it was a joke. This year ive left all leaves except take put a few of the early suckers and they are producing more flowers amd bigger fruit

  14. To the people saying not in hot places, yes, you need to utilize a shade cloth, and this method, and u will produce wildly more tomatoes.

  15. nfa45 says:

    This method does work very well but I think in this specific case you have trimmed off too many leaves. I believe its only necessary to trim off the bottom 18-24 inches or so to encourage air flow and keep the leaves from touching the soil, reducing chance of disease, ect. You can even leave a couple suckers on and let them get big without loosing volume or quality. This is my experience in zone 6b

  16. Tomatoeply, should be a new word

  17. Cen 13 says:

    I do trim my tomato plant leaves but not to this extreme. Plant need leaves to protect the fruit from sun. Also, leaves are the major player of photosynthesis to make the plant healthy.

  18. El Sancho says:

    Leaves produce the energy……

  19. Lol don’t do this to your tomatoes 😣🫠
    You will significantly reduce your yields
    Only trim below the few stems close to the soil and that’s it. Trellis your tomatoes and you’ll be picking them all season

  20. Lucas K says:

    There isn’t any good evidence this helps. Just let them grow free!

  21. Mark O says:

    Save some suckers, they make fruit.

  22. Broken Arrow says:

    Single stem does not multiply your harvest. You actually get less tomatoes but they grow a little bigger. The main reason you do that is to have better air flow which helps with fungus and disease. You need enough foliage to keep the tomatoes from getting sun scald.

  23. Henry Quinn says:

    My plants are producing about 5x the tomatoes. I trellis them out on a fence. Not sure if you want to destroy that much of the plant.

  24. Dont do this guys 😂

    Leaves are what generate energy FOR the tomatoes. You can absolutely cut off new blooms to allow thr plant to focus, but that's debatable within gardening. A good enough plant with good enough soil can and should give you the large fruit AND bountiful.

    I have a nice type of cherry tomato growing, left it to go "natural" and in that 2 gallon pot there have to be 70+ golfballs on there right now…

  25. Truckywucky says:

    Can I ask you why you think new leaves on the plant producing extra sugar from sunlight and co2 for the plant is taking energy away from the rest of it?

    You realize that not pruning your plant leads to exponential growth and pruning it stunts growth right?

    Plants feed off sunlight, and co2 and water. The more leaves you have. The more sunlight and co2 the plant can get, the more sunlight and co2 it gets the more it grows.

    Yes at some point in the growing season you want to top your tomatoes, stop them from producing more side growth, but that's after the plant is established and as large as you want it to get.

    I pruned tomatoes religiously for years. Then I just left them grow for a year. Coming in and only taking off inner growth and diseased leaves. Topping them at the end of the season.

    My plants were easily 5x the size, and I was getting 3x the tomatoes. I've stopped removing suckers. It does nothing but hurt harvest. Tomatoes are larger, the plant is more resilient, they're tastier. And 2 plants almost fills my laundry basket that I use for harvest

  26. US2019 says:

    I advise everyone watching this to do more research and experiments because this method does not work with all varieties or in all climates.

  27. cannabis pruning 101

  28. Thiis is not truth. U are getting less tomatoes when u do that. I have a tomatoe plant. Never even took of a leaf. I have been giving away so much tomatoes and preserving tomatoes for months. And i still got lots of tomatoes on it.

  29. that looks like a chicken after a tornado. more leaves more flavor no?

  30. It's simply awesomeness 😊

  31. Raul says:

    This is wrong for many reasons. You should only cut the leaves at the base of the plant if they start to turn yellow or if they touch the soil. Ideally you would not remove more than 2 leaves at a time and you should use a disinfected pair of scissors.

    Generally, if the leaves are healthy, they produce energy rather than consume. When you remove so msny leaves, the plant gets a shock, and it ripens the fruits faster in the detriment of taste. This is something you can do at the end of the season when, for example, you know cold weather is close by, and you want the last fruits to ripen quickly. If you care about taste and flavour, don't remove the lesves.

    In conclusion, as long as the growing season is not in the last month, the leaves are healthy and not touching the soil, don't remove them.

  32. Joan Smith says:

    I luv tge smell of tomato 🍅 plants 🌱

  33. Ali Gavary says:

    Doesn’t that expose the tomatoes to direct sun and cause sun scalding?

  34. JP says:

    If you keep cutting all the flowers off you don’t have any fruit

  35. RT Shaw says:

    tomatoes can get sunburned. Damaging to your fruit some leaves are necessary.

  36. Cristina D says:

    The leaves produce the food for tomatoes.

  37. Mike Bertsch says:

    Do not do this to determinate tomato plants

  38. This is not the way to do it. Thinning the leaves is good, but you have nearly defoliated the entire plant. Too much is not always the best. Then you say you use the cut leaves for compost which will be contaminated with disease like septoria leaf spot?

  39. Shinigami says:

    10 months later – would you still recommend this method? Maybe a video of fruit size and a quantity comparison between both methods.

  40. Doug Draper says:

    Mate you take-off 2 many leafs

  41. Ana Banana says:

    This method does not work in very hot zones. I live in 9b and my plants need their leaves to keep the plant cool

  42. Ngl this seems really dumb. I'm not an experienced gardener but idk why one would need to do this. Unless the leaves are close to the soil and risk infection, idk why someone would need to waste their time. The leaves aren't "wasting energy", they're actually creating so much more for more tomatoes. The photosynthesis in the chloroplasts of the cell leads to cellular respiration (production of ATP energy in the cells), and therefore plant productivity. Please provide some more substantial evidence as to why someone would want to waste their afternoon cutting leaves off of tomato plants

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