How to Make 14 Day Pickles - The Best Sweet Crunchy Pickle in Appalachia
How to Make 14 Day Pickles – The Best Sweet Crunchy Pickle in Appalachia
November 28, 2023
Italian Grandma Makes Canned Tomato Puree
Italian Grandma Makes Canned Tomato Puree
November 28, 2023

Grow Lots of Tomatoes | 12 Tips | Complete Growing Guide

November 28, 2023

Grow Lots of Tomatoes | 12 Tips | Complete Growing Guide

November 28, 2023

Grow Lots of Tomatoes | 12 Tips | Complete Growing Guide

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Growing tomatoes is an easy way to get going on your home gardening and get fresh ingredients for your soups, salads, sandwiches and more. Start with a variety to grow and enjoy a delightful harvest from your home garden. Use these simple tips to get tons of tomatoes in your home garden.

How to grow tomatoes from seed (seed to harvest)
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  1. 12 tips to get lots of tomatoes
    1. 0:40 – Container Size
    2. 1:17 – Soil Type
    3. 1:56 – Plant Deep
    4. 3:01 – Sunlight
    5. 3:25 – Remove Suckers
    6. 4:09 – Pollination
    7. 5:26 – Remove Weeds
    8. 6:08 – Provide Support
    9. 7:34 – Organic Pesticide
    10. 9:59 – Watering
    11. 10:53 – Fertilization
    12. 13:22 – Remove Bottom Leaves
    Happy Gardening 🙏🤝💐

  2. sam goldberg says:

    Thank you soooo much for your tips it's really helpful

  3. fatimaa says:

    I have two bags..can you suggest me which one I can use for tomatoes and which one for curry leaves) 🙏🙏🙏🙏
    23.6 diameter × 13.8 deep (inches)
    19.7 diameter × 15.7 deep (inches)

  4. Mira Dsilva says:

    My plaint has flowers but r not producing any 🍅 tomatoes what shud i do.

  5. PJM_2204 says:

    Thank you soo much sir..
    I have bought seeds for 50 rs in zepto, now i have 50 saplings …i have no idea how to plant all 50 in my small house with no sunlight…
    Hoping for the best 😅😅

  6. Amirun Nesa says:

    Which is the best month or weather to plant tomato??

  7. can we use tea and eggs shell powder as fertilizer?

  8. Do not heat neem oil put it after boiling/ burner stopped.

  9. Nice explanation..well done ✅

  10. A m says:

    God knows how much I love tomatoes 🍅 😋

  11. Brilliant explanation with excellent demonstartion.

  12. Very comprehensive video. Thank you

  13. Can u pls share ur tips for chilli…plants

  14. Aqsa Zaid says:

    Could u plz answer .. i've sown tomatoes a few days ago and a little seedling was growing out of it .. but all of a sudden it is wilting and it is monsoon season here .. what can i do to save it?

  15. Psyçhø™ says:

    i grew tomatoes without doing anything shown in this video.. 😂
    bro why making fool? you don't need to anything all this

  16. Very informative, thank you

  17. very thorough and informative video. Thank you

  18. Anju Dsouza says:

    Hi how did you o this weekend I have no idea how to make it 👆 and I was like 🌾🌾🌾

  19. is your video for organic farming too

  20. Thank you! Now I can grow many tomatoes.

  21. ngh nino says:

    This educational video is great I love it

  22. Chris F says:

    Love how u dig up and prove the deep planting method works

  23. Maine ek stem.nikal.kar dusre gamle mai lagai..WO Mirza gai kyu

  24. Aaron Taylor says:

    What a great video and thank you for the tips

  25. Tim Martinez says:

    Great knowledge of tomato ‼️Thxs 👍🏽👍🏽🙏🏼

  26. Why my hybrid tomato leaf turn yellowish after fruit gettin red. I often watering myplant, is it wrong and it don't like many water

  27. Wow learnt so much! thanks❤

  28. Maru Lucido says:

    i harvested 8 – 12 tomatoes!

  29. Ali Baba says:

    Another great video from Urban Gardening for Tomatoes lovers.

  30. GrimReaper says:

    Is last week of Jan is appropriate time for reporting tomatoes plant in large container

  31. MAS says:

    Very informative! Thanks for sharing.

  32. xxxxxxxxx says:

    Love your dog 🐶

  33. Mohit Nayak says:

    Thank you very much.

  34. Hello,
    Their are lot of tomato on my terrace but are turning red, can you please tell why?

  35. graymoon21 says:

    Sir can we grow tomatoes in Delhi in the currenct weather? Your videos are so inspiring to take action!

  36. Faye G says:

    Great explanation in detail including size of pot. Thank you very much. Tips very know what were the problems …God bless you

  37. Thank you your video was really informative. Definitely going to try your tips.

  38. Shelly Garza says:

    Thank you for helping me and my family full of food from our food forrest. God bless 🙌 🙏 ❤️

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