Planting TOMATO SLICE To Grow TOMATOES Time lapse
Planting TOMATO SLICE To Grow TOMATOES Time-lapse
October 4, 2023
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Ketchup Taste Test: What Is The Best Ketchup? | GRATEFUL
October 4, 2023

Food Industry Machines That Are At Another Level

October 4, 2023

Food Industry Machines That Are At Another Level

October 4, 2023


Food Industry Machines That Are At Another Level

An engaging overview of various food industry machines and processes, each with its unique features and capabilities. Here’s a summary of what was covered:

1. Cookie Production by Pek Makina:

  • Highlights the production of hard and soft biscuits with efficient recycling to minimize waste and cost.

2. Chocolate Tempering with Choco TT:

  • Discusses a table-top chocolate tempering machine by Bakon USA, emphasizing the importance of temperature control for glossy chocolate.

3. Cold Press Juicing with PURE Juicer:

  • Explains the benefits of cold press juicing, emphasizing nutrient retention and ease of absorption, particularly when consumed in the morning.

4. Onion Processing by Finis:

  • Showcases an onion processing line featuring equipment for peeling, dicing, slicing, and packing onions, with a focus on gentle treatment and hygiene standards.

5. Leafy Vegetable Processing by Sormac:

  • Describes machinery for washing and centrifuging leafy vegetables, highlighting improved efficiency and quality in vegetable processing.

6. Tunnel Ovens by Özköseoğlu:

  • Discusses the importance of tunnel ovens in industrial bread production, including their capacity and features.

The video provides viewers with a glimpse into the fascinating world of food production and processing machinery. It covers a wide range of processes, from baking and chocolate tempering to juicing and vegetable processing, showcasing the innovation and efficiency of modern food industry equipment. The video concludes with an appetite-inducing note, reminding viewers of the joy of enjoying delicious food.

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  1. Bruv says:

    I’m totally not getting distracted right now

  2. Anita Hind says:

    These are amazing machines, but I would like-minded how all of them get cleaned and how often?

  3. No hygiene, no hand gloves, chances of deadly becterial contamination,

  4. sara smith says:


  5. 🔖5:25 🙄 кто-нибудь видел в продаже нарезанный ± замороженный лук?
    🙄 Has anyone seen chopped ± frozen onions for sale? 🏪

  6. Incredible! Thank you for this video!

  7. Harry Hands says:

    It sure would be nice to hear the mechanical sounds of the machines instead of the added noise a "genius" editor added.

  8. One of the reasons most Americans are Obese with all this crap food. I am glad that I do not have to use processed food, but fresh from thee Garden/Plantation just behind my house.

  9. M S says:

    Imagine 25 years ago being told this is how you would spend your evenings!

  10. INEZ ANDRADE says:

    Meu Deuszinho o pão 🍞 que eu amooooo…

  11. INEZ ANDRADE says:

    Essas máquinas são tudo o que there….

  12. INEZ ANDRADE says:

    Também imagino o cheíro que fica no local….

  13. INEZ ANDRADE says:

    Tem que obrigatoriamente usar óculos, senão fica todo mundo chorando 😢 😢 😢…

  14. Pam Martens says:

    If I work for onion processors do I get free onions? Cause onions are my favorite veg!

  15. 웅이맘 says:

    헐~~ 저렇게 불편한 쥬서기가 한국은 팔리지가 않아요

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