The best minute you watch all year 🤯 3 Ingredient Italian Tomato Sauce #shorts
The best minute you watch all year 🤯 3 Ingredient Italian Tomato Sauce #shorts
November 30, 2023
How Is Tomato Paste Made In A Factory--Tomato Sauce Production
How Is Tomato Paste Made In A Factory–Tomato Sauce Production
November 30, 2023

#flowchart main rules #HACCP Training with example Part 9️⃣

November 30, 2023

#flowchart main rules #HACCP Training with example Part 9️⃣

November 30, 2023

#flowchart main rules #HACCP Training with example Part 9️⃣

to monitor an #OPRP point in #HACCP ? #HACCP Training example Part🔟
How to monitor a #CCP point in #HACCP plan ? #HACCP Training with example Part 1️⃣1️⃣

#HACCP Training with example Part 7️⃣ #Process #Risk_Assessment with Quiz ⁉️ in Orange Juice 🍹🍊

#HACCP Training with example Part 5️⃣ Prerequisite Programs 🍿🥤 🗑️🚰👫📚🔍 very easy to
#HACCP Training with example Part 4️⃣ #Allergens 🥚🥛and #Non_Allergens🥩🐄Risk Assessment

#HACCP Training with example Part 1️⃣ (Orange Juice 🍹🍹🍊🍊) in very simple
Hello every body again on #Simplyfoodea YouTube Channel , we are now on Part 9 from our free #HACCP training in YouTube , we will talk today on The Main Rules of HACCP Flow Diagrams
Before we explain the main rules for correct Product Flow Diagram, we must understand some of the graphics and the meaning of the that are preferred for HACCP Flow Diagrams illustrations.
1- Production Start = Oval shape or Round Corner Rectangle
2- Process Step = Rectangle shape
3- Decision = Diamond / Rhombus shape
4- Information = Parallelogram
5- Documentation / Record = one corner wavy side
6- Internal Storage = two rectangle mixed
7- Process = Trapezoid
8- Manual Addition = one long rectangle side
9- Preparation = Hexagon
10- End of Process = Round Corner Rectangle

The Main Rules of HACCP Flow Diagrams
1- Process Steps Numbering
2 Inputs/ Outputs
3- Critical Limits ( Temperature , Rejections , Dimensions , Weights , )
4- Standard Designs

6- Updated

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How to insert Flow Diagram shapes using (as mentioned in the Training Video )
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by #Simplyfoodea channel

Food Safety Training
Food safety training
تدريب سلامة الغذاء
تدريب سلامة الأغذية

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  1. I have watched about 7 videos on this Haccp plan for orange juice and I just want to say a big thank you… I really enjoyed the training. It was straightforward, brief and very comprehensive. Please keep up the good work!

  2. @meynaz says:

    Why does it stop here? You helped me a lot! Keep it up. Thank you brother

  3. Very Nicely explained all videos

  4. @bbg6336 says:

    I enjoy this training greatly. Thank you sir!

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