Greenhouse Tomatoes Agriculture Technology - Modern Tomato Farming, Harvesting and Processing.
Greenhouse Tomatoes Agriculture Technology – Modern Tomato Farming, Harvesting and Processing.
November 11, 2023
mayonnaise production line processing machine filling line
mayonnaise production line processing machine filling line
November 11, 2023

Five Generations of Making Soy Sauce the Traditional Way

November 11, 2023

Five Generations of Making Soy Sauce the Traditional Way

November 11, 2023

Five Generations of Making Soy Sauce the Traditional Way

Japanese shoyu, or soy sauce, was traditionally brewed in vats over two years in a process that dates back to the 7th century. Over the past 60 years, global demand gave way to industrialization, and today less than one percent of shoyu is produced in the old way. But on the island of Shōdoshima, Yasuo Yamamoto ferments soy beans traditionally in bamboo barrels similar to the ones his family has built for the past 150 years. And while it takes four times longer than the modern way to produce, the results are undeniably delicious. Let’s have a taste.


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  1. I bought the most fancy version of his soy sauce: CRANE label! I haven’t try the Jasmine label which is the least expensive one but the Crane version tasted phenomenal! Very complex layer of umami flavor! I will definitely buy it again when my bottle runs out!

  2. This stuff is so good! It seriously is a difference

  3. Thank God there are the whittle guys still making things deliciously 😋

  4. Ringo Starr says:

    1:24 the taxi driver be lookin dope

  5. Paul Maxwell says:

    After watching this video, I ordered this family's soy sauce online from a Japanese company called Japanese Taste. I have no idea as to what to expect, but I love to support a small family business that makes a product the old-fashioned way. Can't wait to try it!

  6. Description needs the word YAMAROKU (the company name) so you can order some on Amazon or elsewhere.

  7. Both Yasuos act as a counterforce in the universe.
    Where Yasuo Yamamoto saves up on salt by making traditional soy sauce, the Yasuo of League generates it by going 3/25

  8. I bought it off of Amazon—let me tell you, it’s worth every penny. Thick, rich, savory, leaving a subtle sweet taste behind. I will never go back to Kikkoman overly processed/bitter chemicalatasting soy sauce. Soy sauce is a staple in my culture! I never want to go back! I’m serious.

  9. はこ says:


  10. I just watched a similar video from business insider. It's even the same people😂

  11. I can't wait to taste this 😍

  12. Clint Nix says:

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  13. thanks cab driverrrr!!!!

  14. So yasuo was a soy sauce maker before he became an inter

  15. I imagine him working on his soy sauce at the dead of night and falling in

  16. MaiCha MH says:

    YouTube English CC subtitles: (speaking in foreign language)

  17. Acrex Tobias says:

    By day, He's a soy sauce maker
    By Night, he's a cancer patient

  18. mil mel says:

    Man i would like to try his soy sauce

  19. Darius says:

    No its chinese japaan is the worst country and always says it invented soy sauce

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