Greedy is Okay | Nutrient-Rich Refried Beans
Greedy is Okay | Nutrient-Rich Refried Beans
January 4, 2024
Small packing machine for Masala powder & Spices packing  Mini packing machine low price
Small packing machine for Masala powder & Spices packing Mini packing machine low price
January 4, 2024

First Test Run Of Chili Harvester Moses 1010 in New Mexico || #shorts

January 4, 2024

First Test Run Of Chili Harvester Moses 1010 in New Mexico || #shorts

January 4, 2024

First Test Run Of Chili Harvester Moses 1010 in New Mexico || #shorts

The Etgar company based in Mexico has developed a chili harvester called Moses 1010, which is designed to improve the efficiency of chili harvesting in the field. The harvester is a self-propelled machine that can operate on uneven terrain and is equipped with a series of shaking rods that vibrate the chili plants to loosen the fruit. The loosened chilies then fall onto a conveyor belt that transports them to a collection bin.

During a field demo, the Moses 1010 chili harvester can be observed in action, demonstrating its ability to harvest chilies quickly and efficiently. The machine is designed to reduce the need for manual labor in the field, which can help improve worker safety and increase productivity. The field demo may also showcase the various features of the harvester, such as its adjustable shaking intensity, its ability to handle different types of chili plants, and its ease of operation.

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Overall, the Moses 1010 chili harvester by Etgar company appears to be a promising solution for the chili industry, offering a more efficient and automated method of harvesting chilies in the field.

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  1. @Vinobear05 says:

    Hand pick will never sacrafice any crop!!!

  2. Thats gonna be the first and last harvest if you use that machine. The plant would have a hard time to recover after that.

  3. @RonikaAgo says:

    nowadays kwa studio ya stano ni kama kwa club ya busaa 😂yaani hata inabore

  4. What a useless machine. You can harvest the chillies over and over again you donot have to kill the plant

  5. @facttv2608 says:

    Video not impressive…. Didn't cover the back side of machine…..

  6. @kebunku1198 says:

    Padahal bisa berkali" Panen malah di buat sekali panen 😂

  7. @norfajri696 says:

    Pohonnya langsung habis juga

  8. El humano es el mejor Manual es la mejor mas lipio mas cuidado

  9. @gul5650 says:

    Yanlış yapıyor sunuz herşeyi yok ettiniz yazık ruhunuz nerde

  10. 😢mucha gente quedará sin empleo

  11. Tại sao chỉ thu hoạch một lần 😮

  12. @clonitayfue says:


  13. @ugurceldir says:

    you name this chili destroyer

  14. 😂 haha everything messed up

  15. Dampest idea I have seen!

  16. La guebonada de trabajar hoy en día ase que nuestros alimentos Sean unos desperdicios asquerosos

  17. Trees are dead,this a very bad machin in the world

  18. @sonang2172 says:

    Thu như vây hỏng hết cây mất rồi

  19. Those farmers sure are hefty

  20. இது என்ன வீடியோ லூசு

  21. @veer431 says:

    We get 4 times chilly from one plant to get one time chilly why we have to cut the plant?

  22. Pake mesin , cepat. , Dan merusak ,manual ,pake tngn,, the best

  23. mungkin daunnya dan batang ny mau di bikin sambel juga biar banyakan jdinya

  24. @dnnbuddy says:

    😮 ultra foolish way to harvest chilli 😔😔

  25. In India when we buy vegitable we get free chilies from sellers and you guyz need machines to harvest😂😂😂😂

  26. Ребятам стоило бы вручную собрать. Это полезно для их фигуры и здоровья.

  27. Варварство и глупость! За что столько 👍🏻? 🤦🏻‍♀️

  28. వెనుక చూపించరా వెదవ

  29. Pohonya rusak semuaaa😊

  30. esa maquina no sirve…. destruye la planta en la primera recoleccion

  31. aku cuma penasaran bagaimana pohon cabe ini setelah keluar dari alat itu. apakah dia kan kehilangan semua daunnya 😮

  32. Vãi cả lờ 😂

  33. This Is How We Do It In America. No need for any Hispanic spick fuckers. We don't have a one on our massive field growing Ranch in Culver Oregon. Go home illegals

  34. @LazarusEli says:

    Id still prefer manual handpicking for this chili plants👍👌👏🤩🥰😍🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭love fron the Philippines

  35. Kalau saya pribadi tidak suka pakai mesin spt itu.karena pohon rusak tidak bisa dipanen.lagi jadi belum tentu balik.modal mlh mungkin rugi

  36. Kenapa pohon cabe di rusak😮???

  37. This is ruining the point.. hand pick is the best..

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