DIY Mason Jar Packaging (Wedding Favour Idea)
DIY Mason Jar Packaging (Wedding Favour Idea)
October 31, 2023
Romancing Ireland 3 - The Italian
Romancing Ireland 3 – The Italian
November 1, 2023

FigJam 101: Introduction tutorial for creating flows & brainstorming

October 31, 2023

FigJam 101: Introduction tutorial for creating flows & brainstorming

October 31, 2023

FigJam 101: Introduction tutorial for creating flows & brainstorming

Let me help you get started with using FigJam by introducing you to the tools available in it that you can use for creating user , sitemaps, wireframes and brainstorming activities! It's a super handy tool available right in Figma, and I'll explain the differences too in this 101 tutorial.

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Figma is a design tool that helps teams , test, and ship better designs from to finish. And it's free! 🙂

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Try FigJam for free right here:

0:00 – to access FigJam
0:54 – The difference between Figma and FigJam
1:18 – Introduction to the toolbar
2:55 – Using FigJam for flows and sitemaps
4:28 – Sticky notes for brainstorming
6:36 – Collaboration and communication features
8:38 – Accessing your component library from Figma
9:30 – The power of FigJam

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  1. This is excellent!! Love it

  2. Bravo Charli – great job on this video – thank you!

  3. As a statistics lecturer, i love ur videos. They are great and keep making more.. 🎉

  4. Thank you so much for this video ! Better than anything I've watched on the actual Figjam channel 🙂

  5. Thank you very much. Getting used to Figma as a tool and FigJam as a side on is equally handy

  6. Hardik Arya says:

    Do use Figma if you do is okay for me to add u on my Figma

  7. Lee Robinson says:

    Great video, very well presented thank you! (looking forward to my ⭐)

  8. Üsame Savas says:

    This is a great introductory video on figjam. cheers!

  9. Juan Quiroga says:

    Love your energy! Thanks for the insights 🙂

  10. dimpi lathia says:

    Charlie, this video is super helpful for beginners like me who need good foundation with Figma!

  11. iXzenoS says:

    Great intro to FigJam! Is there a dark mode or flexibility to change the infinite canvas background color to another preferred color? That huge white canvas is blinding IMO.

  12. Lisi Miranda says:

    Very helpful. Thank you.

  13. This is very interesting. I’m wondering about the viability of using fig jam to create courses and workshops. Is there a way to record sessions or anything with figjam or are you using something like zoom?

  14. Love it! Very helpful to know Figjam, thanks Charli!

  15. Thankyou Charli, this was really concise and interesting.

  16. thanks for this video Ma'am

  17. Damn, how you edit you videos?

  18. Awesome video, I've gotten the knowledge I wanted, thanks

  19. That was very cool! Thanks

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