How To Grow Tomatoes At Home (SEED TO HARVEST)
How To Grow Tomatoes At Home (SEED TO HARVEST)
November 5, 2023
Mayonnaise production customer site mayonnaise production machine production line
Mayonnaise production customer site mayonnaise production machine production line
November 5, 2023

Fermented Hot Sauce is better

November 5, 2023

Fermented Hot Sauce is better

November 5, 2023

Fermented Hot Sauce is better

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  1. Dr Spitzz says:

    Thats more of a spicy tomato salsa I wouldn’t exactly categorize that as a hot sauce lol

  2. Erica 547 says:

    I use the brine to make sad dressings. It’s delicious. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Id use these fans in a tron themed build.

  4. Baffi says:

    Use that stuff to bribe some hot wings before frying them up

  5. S Videos says:

    I trust you simply because you used all the spices and mango 😅 I love

  6. Joe Matheny says:

    Or you could just go to the store and buy hot sauce and save yourself time and money.

  7. Alx says:

    You f**** genius!

  8. I will be adding passion fruit

  9. But why is fermented hot sauce better tho?

  10. My man, you gotta tell me where I can find scotch bonnets in Korea!! I can’t find em anywhere!!

  11. Why add water at all? Tabasco and crystal both just use chillies and up to 25% salt to make a mash. Age that for minimum 4 months. Blend the aged mash with vinegar 1:1, briefly boil to pasteurise (also balances the flavour) and it’s done. For super smooth end product it might need a light strain if you haven’t got a killer blender. It’s far more complex and almost miso like compared to these weak ass water ferments.

  12. Toe mah toes 😂 oh the pronunciation variations in the English language

  13. Sage K says:

    ❤ We're doing this now. One little hack is if you just weigh the jar first then subtract that from the total weight once filled with water & peppers, then multiple by .02, you'll know what to add in salt (per gram) without having to strain. Another option is to premix a salt brine to add which again negates the need for a strainer. Just another option 👍

  14. Jkk says:

    Dam those brine shots must have hit you in the balls.

  15. Paddy says:

    What do the tomatoes do for the flavor?

  16. alex meehan says:

    I made a sauce like this a bunch of times, to really make that garlic pop you should first slice it up and give it a quick toast on the stovetop, also before fermenting if you toast (burn) just a few of the pepper so the skin gets black it’ll taste more like a better version of store bought, without any considerations to make it taste like what you’re familiar with, it has a very unique taste, good, amazing even, however it won’t scratch your itch if you’re thinking to yourself as you have your Cholula: “oooo what is I made this”

  17. Ta Leng says:

    How much vinegar is needed to preserve it?

  18. Sam Seed says:

    How long does this keep?

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