Explore The Extremely Large Capacity Hot-Rolling Mill | Producing Steel Coil And Rebar
Explore The Extremely Large Capacity Hot-Rolling Mill | Producing Steel Coil And Rebar
December 22, 2023
Mayonnaise produced by vacuum homogenizing emulsifier.
Mayonnaise produced by vacuum homogenizing emulsifier.
December 23, 2023

Easy Tomato Sauce Canning Recipe | No special equipment |

December 23, 2023

Easy Tomato Sauce Canning Recipe | No special equipment |

December 23, 2023

Easy Tomato Sauce Canning Recipe | No special equipment |

This video shares an easy tomato sauce canning recipe that DOESN’T require special equipment (other than a cheese grater). All techniques strictly adhere to the National Home Food Preservation guidelines, but I’ve taken liberty on how I like to flavor my sauce (and you should too as long as you’re not adding dairy, meat, or oils). Enjoy!


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  1. So I watched your raw pack chicken video. I liked that you canned in the Carey electric. I have a Nesco – Carey’s twin. Do you still can in the electric canner?

  2. I love that you named your pressure canner… I'm gonna name mine Edgar after a character in MIB… just crack up every time his wife says "Egger" lol can't wait to give Edgar his maiden run!

  3. I just "grated" my thumb….

  4. @gmw6337 says:

    can you do your recipe w/out a pressure cooker/canner

  5. ummmmmm you are amazing! I never thought to purée everything! Thank you 🙏🏾

  6. @esholland08 says:

    Hi Cassandra. I’ve gotten my masters in food presentation and wanted to give you a helpful tip. Don’t cover your jars as they cool. Let them cool on a towel naturally. When covered it can cause something called flat sour. It’s when the internal temperature stay to warm to long and sours your food. It’s also the reason why you never leave jars in the canner over night. I just recently found your channel and loving it. Will you make a video on your different natural produce cleaners. Thanks so much.

  7. Great video. I love your energy!

  8. @wadley251 says:

    The thought of canning is a little Intimidating, however you motivated and inspired me to attempt. Nice recipe and excellent content.

  9. You can substitute 1tsp/qt of Powdered Citric Acid in place of lemon juice. I grew up in an Italian family and we would can up to 100 qts of tomatoes a day! (It was a family effort) The tomatoes would be hot packed into hot jars with a tsp of salt per qt, lids on and covered with heavy blankets and the jars self sealed. I occasionally use this method when I only have a few qts of tomatoes from the garden, otherwise I hot water bath them. Your recipe would be amazing for grilled pizza!!! 😋💙

  10. Well I'm ready for some spaghetti!

  11. Very interesting, I like that you added as much onion, pepper and garlic as wanted thev added acidity at the end. So cool that you inherited a canner!

  12. Micro homestead, I like that. Are stores stocked with canning supplies where you live? That sound effect is 100% true, all the supplies are in hiding with sasquatch 🤣.

    Did you use homegrown tomatoes?
    I love the no waste!

  13. Just joined this channel, you have an amazing channel. I'm looking for me some land to buy around the end of this year. I'm trying to learn as much as I can. I appreciate channels like yours.

  14. @2doodledo says:

    Tysm for this yummy recipe! Will try it.

  15. @medwardbell says:

    Wow, your timing is impeccable! I just received my pressure canner and was just sitting here looking for tomato sauce recipes. Thank you for showing me how it’s done! ❤️. I’m a visual person so this helps greatly!

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