How Do You Wash Cucumbers For Pickling?Cleaning Cucumbers In The Washing Machine
How Do You Wash Cucumbers For Pickling?Cleaning Cucumbers In The Washing Machine
November 21, 2023
Aluminum foil packaging film, food packaging film, automatic packaging machine roll film
Aluminum foil packaging film, food packaging film, automatic packaging machine roll film
November 22, 2023

Easy Hollandaise Sauce – Blender VS Classic – Food Science!

November 22, 2023

Easy Hollandaise Sauce – Blender VS Classic – Food Science!

November 22, 2023

Easy Hollandaise Sauce – Blender VS Classic – Food Science!

Today on Passion for Food we’re going to be making easy Hollandaise sauce, both in the blender and the classic double boiler method! Is hollandaise sauce as tricky to make as they say, or is it misunderstood and actually super easy?! Today we find out as I put on my culinary myth-busting hat and get testing!
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  1. Thank you for posting amazing sauce I appreciate it that you shared. If you don't mind a little free advice or constructive criticism I think your videos will do a lot better for you, if you were to speed up your Cadence of speech by about 25% thanks again for posting great job

  2. MsMarji says:

    What about using pasteurized eggs?
    You can either buy pasteurized eggs or pasteurize eggs using sous vide. You can make hollandaise sauce using sous vide too.

  3. Pimmy says:

    Which is good to adding white wine or water or white wine vinegar?

  4. Very thorough evaluation. Here is yet another version of the process. Because I live on a boat I like my appliances to be battery powered, and as an appliance designer I am disappointed with the industry for their expensive and difficult to use battery blenders. I use a Ryobi 12V battery drill as a blender. The advantage of this is that the tool is short, easy to handle and because the handle is at 90 degrees to the motor part, it is a balanced tool. I hold a standard wire whisk in the chuck.
    To do my hollandaise I put a small pot on the stove and melt the butter in a SS coffee frothing pot sitting in the pot on the stove in which I later poach the eggs. I use a round bottomed mug as the main crucible into which I put 2 egg yolks (4 for two people). I add the lemon and the cayenne pepper to the mug, then with the powered whisk (not a blender) I whisk up the eggs, then add the butter keeping the whisk active the whole time. Then it is mostly done. If it needs thickening up I sit the mug in the pot of hot water for a time (this is your standard double pot with heat transfer damping) whisking several times. Then I do the poached eggs in the hot water once the mug is removed. I prefer the powered whisk as I lose far less on the whisk than you do on a blender head.
    It never occurred to me have hollandaise with Salmon, so that is a must do for next week. I’m fasting this week, teasing myself with cooking videos.

  5. Jim Dorman says:

    I just mangled a batch using a rec ipe from America's Test Kitchen. Now I know why. Thanks!

  6. 😮 american style? 😢 cience or taste & culture?

  7. Cat Ludeman says:

    Given the various consistencies that people prefer, I wonder if the eggs get cooked when using the double boiler most times.

  8. JR Robichaud says:

    Was wondering if you emersed the glass container in hot water, while using the immersion blender, would it cook the eggs better?

  9. Jason Gray says:

    Mate, seriously. A good vinegar reduction is the true secret and then you can use the Food Wishes one step Hollandaise (for a small batch under 500 mls) done

  10. I wonder if preheating the blender with hot water would help in cooking the eggs slightly better

  11. Just a little note, cooking means 100 degrees Celsius, which you anyways dont do with the traditional way.

  12. Earl Curtis says:

    Awesome, I really appreciate you making the Hollandaise sauce in different ways. I will use the hand blender. It is easier to see what I am doing.

  13. HORTONDLFN says:

    As soon as you said, "and now, thanks to me…" I felt compelled to subscribe.  
    So, I did.

  14. Not sure if anyone mentioned it but you were pronouncing lecithin as lectin. Lecithin has 3 syllables ( lĕs′ə-thĭn ) and lectin is a whole different thing, but you meant lecithin. So aside from that 😂😁 I thought this video was super cool and enjoyed it… especially the part you used a few words that you made up entirely! I'm glad someone took the time to put this out there, much needed info. Especially since hollandaise sauce is probably the best sauce that was ever invented in existence.

  15. Angel Knives says:

    thus the egg at room temperature before you blend it with hot butter?

  16. Mother Sauces? Is there a video about what they are?

  17. Tam Eiki says:

    Last night I made eggs Benedict for the very first time. The poached eggs really intimidated me so I cheated and used a mix for the Hollandaise sauce. While it turned out well, I wish I'd seen your video first. Next time I'll use your method. Thank you for making it look so easy!

  18. sbannmarie says:

    Excited to try this!

  19. pitalacta says:

    6:06 it's lecithin, not lectin
    lecithin is not a protein, it's a phospholipid, which is similar to a fat molecule
    hollandaise and mayonnaise are oil in water (OW) emulsions (even though they are mostly fat); examples of water in oil emulsions (WO) are butter and margarine

  20. John Revel says:

    Did you test the temp of the sauce, when using the double boiler?

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