Marinara from Scratch
Marinara from Scratch
November 20, 2023
Mayonnaise - Recipe Food processor Magimix EN
Mayonnaise – Recipe Food processor Magimix EN
November 20, 2023

Easiest Homemade Hot Sauce You Will LOVE!!

November 20, 2023

Easiest Homemade Hot Sauce You Will LOVE!!

November 20, 2023

Easiest Homemade Hot Sauce You Will LOVE!!

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I LOVE Hot sauce and homemade hot sauce is even better! This hot sauce recipe is so easy and so good! I hope you give it a try! You can find the recipe below!

Hot Sauce Recipe:

Canning Supplies I Used:
Ball Canning Cookbook (My Favorite!!) —
Presto Pressure Canner —
Water Bath Canner —
Canning Equipment Essential Supplies Kit —
Redmond Real Salt (Fine) —

Some of my favorite kitchen essentials!
Vitamix –
9 Tray Excalibur Dehydrator —
Food Processor –
Korean Red Pepper Flakes —
Instant Pot —
Spice Jars —
Stainless Steel Strainers —
Glass Snap Wear food containers —
American Test Kitchen Cooking School —
Large Food Storage Containers —

Links are affiliate links, but I will only recommend items I LOVE and use daily with no extra cost to you, and it helps support the channel! Thank you for your support!

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  1. David Dean says:

    Great video but I have a question: why do you boil the jars at the end?

  2. Oh Becky l just tried your hot sauce for the first time. Nothing beats homemade 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾. Superb recipe👌🏾Thank you.

  3. Jaclyn C says:

    You are so awesome! Thank you for this!!!

  4. Sadarsa says:

    Wear gloves so you don't get it on your hands or on your face….

    But stuffing them in your mouth like toddler with a toy is perfectly fine.

  5. How long will it last in the fridge. Not canned but like the one you put in the Tabasco bottle?

  6. The Source says:

    My son loves the medium buffalo sauce….is this more of a medium or a hot hot? I plan on making this

  7. Rachel Tarr says:

    My 11 year old and I made this from any peppers we had from the garden. What kind of oil did you use? And would lime be good? Omg nhe will love the spicy powder idea..but I added some roasted tomatoes, I guess the puree will jjust need to dry longer ..looking up your cow boy candy now

  8. Oki_Dingo says:

    looks good, but personally I use fruit instead of just pouring 1/4 of sugar in my sauce

  9. Ray Mckigney says:

    Amazing recipe! This jar is not gonna last long 😅

  10. Hey Becky, my sauce separated. Is it still shelf stable?

  11. Thomas Crowe says:

    Just made some. What a way to gas a house.

  12. blipblip88 says:

    I bet your kitchen smells amazing! I am really inspired by your video and will try this next summer when I plan to grow more hot peppers. Thanks for the clear directions and the recommendations! Cheers!

  13. Becky, I love your videos! I have an over-abundance of yellow tomatoes. I've made sauce with them but would love to make your hot sauce. Also I only have jalapeños at the moment. Could I make this recipe with yellow tomatoes and jalapeños? If so, would you change anything else in the recipe?

  14. Hello, my vitamix has a soup function. I made it all in the vitamix. No stove top cooking and it’s great.
    I plan to make hot wings in this.

  15. I used cayenne n Habanero

  16. CHUCK Farlie says:

    What kind of oil? Seriously, I need to know.

  17. Instead of sugar I think I'm going to use Rose's Lime. What do you think?

  18. Reid Rodgers says:

    How did the peppers go from red to orange?

  19. Lihwa Mai says:

    why you boil the bottle with sauce inside?what is for?

  20. Do you ever make cowboy candy at all?

  21. Can you switch sugar for honey

  22. Humphrey promise to make the orange hot sauce!!!!!

  23. 0:40 yeah, like your own cooder! Ask me how I know!

  24. Cheryl Joy says:

    Well shoot, I watched the video then went to scratch pantry for the recipe, no one must have followed it because she forgot to put the salt in the ingredients list, still tastes good but disappointing when the recipe doesn’t match the video.

  25. How did the hot sauce taste?

  26. Shakey Bones says:

    How long will this hot sauce keep in the fridge?

  27. This JustIn says:

    I dont see it already asked but I dont undersand why you would can hot sauce…with the vingear content it should be fine at room temperature for 6-12 months, until the next season.

  28. Finally, someone who appears to know what they are doing and not another random person who THINKS they are good at cooking or related things lol. THANK YOU FOR THIS! I am gonna try today. 🙂

  29. Would a food processor also work for this? I don't really have the money for a blender right now but I would love to try making my own hot sauce

  30. The vita mix is king i've had mine for about 15 years now… its crazy how well it holds up

  31. Sheryl says:

    I made this hot sauce today and two cups of vinegar was not enough liquid, as cooking it for the suggested time to allow vegetables to cook down reduced it so much. I’ll just thin it down with additional vinegar as I open each jar. This made seven 1/2 pints for me. I made mine with habanero and sweet red peppers but not enough sweet because it’s too hot! Thanks for sharing.

  32. MrJay631 says:

    I’m so trying this, this week 👍🏻❤

  33. I have tried to find your recipe o the sugar rush peach hot sauce ad cant find it! can you replay it?

  34. dave miller says:

    Great video and very informative. I only have one question. Does heating vinegar change the flavour, can you use other vinegar such as apple cider or will that change the flavour too much?

  35. Skynryd says:

    Awesome video! Will be doing this in the near future.

  36. Devin Carter says:

    How did you dehydrate the mush?

  37. Subscribed!!!
    Thank, you for such an Awesome video glad I found ya… I, Enjoyed Tremendously!!! 💙

  38. Just tried mine today

  39. How long will those last 6:05

  40. Hi! Just curious, what’s the reason behind heating/boiling the mason jars after?

  41. A M says:

    Loving this ❤

  42. Escobar says:

    Have you tried fermentation instead of boiling???

  43. says:

    I want to see what is cowboy candy 🤔
    I love that blender. 😍

    Ty For The Upload 🧡

  44. brian parker says:

    going to try a smoked sweet pepper sauce tomorrow.

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