December 6, 2023
Automatic Food Packing Machine - Small Scale PLC Project
Automatic Food Packing Machine – Small Scale PLC Project
December 6, 2023

DIY Powder Filling Machine using Arduino || Very Accurate

December 6, 2023

DIY Powder Filling Machine using Arduino || Very Accurate

December 6, 2023

DIY Powder Filling Machine using Arduino || Very Accurate

$2/5pcs 4Layer & 2Layer PCBs, get $24 coupons here:

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Good News!
Now you can order me to design a custom PCB for you! (not physical PCB. only gerber files)


List of Components:
10k x4
1k x4
220R x1
220uf/25v x1
BC547 x2
12V relay x1
L7805 x2
12V Buzzer x1
005-DC Jack x1
Red, Yellow,Green 5mm LEDs
1Kg Load cell with HX-711 Module x1
2.54mm Male/Female Header Pins x20
20×4 line I2C LCD Display x1
IR Proximity Sensor x1
12mm tactile switches x4
Arduino Nano x1
Heat sinks for Regulators x2
2 Terminal Block x1

Zip Ties:

Digital Scale:

3D Printer & Filaments:
Get ENDER 3-PRO Printer at 30% Off here:
23% off on Filament here:
BGender04 US$195

Ask your customs department for restrictions and taxes on 3D Printer before ordering it.

Get Masks and stay safe!

Note: Do not use this project for selling or re-uploading on any social site. only for personal use.
Also buy materials from given affiliate links. it will give me a little commission. Thanks

Soldering Iron:
Soldering Paste:
Third Hand Tool:
Multimeter :
Battery % meter:

Green Mat:

Arduino Code and PCB Gerber files:
You Can Buy by Contacting me on Facebook/Fiverr Page.

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  1. @nrbbsr123 says:

    Can U assemble the machine for the enduser's

  2. Bonjour merci pour la vidéo je serai intéressé par le projet pouvez vous m'aider

  3. Can u guide me for such project with 25 kg discharge. If yes, please share ur contact details.

  4. dont eat from that Auger. It has lead on it. Otherwise nice job

  5. is there anyway I can pay for your STL file for 3d printing?

  6. @ashraf8361 says:

    Please condact nambar

  7. Hi I am interested in building this project. Where can I get the script and pcb diagrams please

  8. @dhirenb8476 says:

    What is the production cost for this and can we make it like lambda doser?

  9. Hi sir can you help me regarging this

  10. Sir … describe programming code of these model..

  11. @AR-di8my says:

    Sir I want this PCB design in Gerber format

  12. Hey like your idea I want a big dispenser can you help with that?

  13. How to order parts what is link

  14. Where is the code please try send me sir

  15. @rishi5133 says:

    Sir can u make and send me such unit for tea packing 25, 100, 250 gms

  16. I want to buy this machine for my business are you willing to sell if yes then can u tell me the price of it.

  17. We want this how by or ar,very good

  18. Can you send me the 3D model of that black piece attached to the servomotor?

  19. @JosrRocks says:

    now we can sell some powder accurately!

  20. Can you share me code

  21. can i ask for the whatsapp number for consultation regarding this tool. Thank You

  22. can i have the code please

  23. Can I use these to pack 50Kg sacks…

  24. Sir is project me ac gear motor use karsakte haikya?

  25. @kaleem4306 says:

    Need one similar machine. Share your contact details/, contact📞 number please

  26. @neeraj6564 says:

    Can you make a commercial model for my business?

  27. Hellow sir,kya is project ko big hopper ,like 20…. kg 25 kg me convert karsakte hai kya?

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