Liquid Filling Machine | FOR-BRO Engineers
Liquid Filling Machine | FOR-BRO Engineers
December 1, 2023
Baking With Jeanette, Tracy & Hazeydaze; How to Make Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Baking With Jeanette, Tracy & Hazeydaze; How to Make Pineapple Upside Down Cake
December 1, 2023

DIY Packaging Ideas for Business – Sustainable and Cheap!

December 1, 2023

DIY Packaging Ideas for Business – Sustainable and Cheap!

December 1, 2023

DIY Packaging Ideas for Business – Sustainable and Cheap!

DIY Packaging Ideas for Business – Sustainable and Cheap!

I have 7 different ideas for using stuff around the house to package and brand your etsy products!

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Grab a custom logo rubber stamp here:

🖋 Make sure to check out my calligraphy tutorials:

Other eco-friendly shipping ideas:




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  1. @mattmoss235 says:

    sarah,,, you are awesome. thank you for existing!!!!

  2. So CREATIVE I’m starting a business and I’m definitely using some of these thank you

  3. thanks Sarah!….these are great ideas. I've been looking for ideas on how I can package my products in a way that I can reuse what is already used.

  4. Love those ideas! Thank you for sharing! Definitely going to try it

  5. @panther782 says:

    Thank you! These were real ideas that are simple to do. Lived up to the title, a rarity.

  6. Your handwriting should be a font!😍

  7. Except AMAZON put the shipping label over the perforation making it impossible to “zip open” for reuse.

  8. Kindly remove female from video not allowed in Islam
    Follow Islam because no salvation without Islam

  9. You ideas are amazing specially that DIY pill box.. ☺️Thank you so much.

  10. These are some really cool tips! I just tried the toilet paper roll with my stamp and it looks amazing. Thanks for sharing Sarah!

  11. but then doesnt the customer see the other side of the cardboard from the cereal box? i think it looks unproffesional; but i still like the ideas!

  12. wow the toilet paper roll is so cool

  13. Cool 😎 super creative packaging 💥

  14. You are so creative! I love this video!

  15. Lovely idea, but not the toilet paper maybe with the paper tower. But the toilet paper it's really not hygienic

  16. Thx these were all really helpful!

  17. @estrellie09 says:

    Love all the ideas 💕thanks for sharing ⭐️

  18. this is so helpful. thank you so much!

  19. Thank you really creative

  20. @SmillyDonut says:

    Such great ideas in this video. I need to invest in a custom rubber stamp and shred some old books for filling. Thanks so much.

  21. Girl, you are awesome! Love the idea of the toilet paper roll. Thank you so much for sharing! 🥰

  22. The toilet paper roll box gave me an 💡 on my next project. Thank you

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