How To Grow Greenhouse Tomatoes | #1 Most Profitable Crop In The Market Garden
How To Grow Greenhouse Tomatoes | #1 Most Profitable Crop In The Market Garden
November 19, 2023
Mayonnaise I Structural and Functional Role of Ingredients I Food Science and Processing Technology
Mayonnaise I Structural and Functional Role of Ingredients I Food Science and Processing Technology
November 19, 2023

Delicious Fried Collard Greens With Sweet Pineapples #starspangleddishes

November 19, 2023

Delicious Fried Collard Greens With Sweet Pineapples #starspangleddishes

November 19, 2023

Delicious Fried Collard Greens With Sweet Pineapples #starspangleddishes

Delicious Fried Collard Greens With Sweet Pineapples

Join Us On November 18, 2023, for a USA Food Collaboration! #starspangleddishes

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  1. Bong Bites says:

    Wow! This Beautiful Dish looks delicious, tasty and yummy!

    Very nicely prepared. Superb presentation.

  2. Oh wow what a delicious way to gook greens thanks for the recipe have a good day

  3. wow, what a great combination, especially the collard green with Pineapple. But also all other stuff you added here, really a wonderful combination, I can easyly imagine how tasteful that is. Thank your very much for this contribution. Greetings, Boris.

  4. This is a delicious recipe – yummy 😋I made my Collard Greens last weekend and put them in the freezer for the upcoming week – they do take a lot of time 🥰but I am going to have to try them with pineapples 😋

  5. Slimchelle says:

    Hey sis what a yumny meal enjoy watching

  6. Omg this is something I would love to try!!!

  7. This is healthy and colorful! Love this dish, sis!

  8. I’ve never tried collard greens, but I want to, especially after seeing your version! Yum! I’m a believer that pineapple makes everything better! ❤

  9. Hey sister ❤I’m here for this awesome recipe! Collard greens with pineapple!! How cool! Super interesting!! Love your cutting board btw!! Thanks for your awesome recipe ❤God bless you and your loved ones always ❤

  10. SakaFeteFood says:

    Love your recipe 😋
    It looks delicious 😋

  11. SETU'S WORLD says:

    Very yummy & absolutely tempting recipe dear 👍🏻😋

  12. I love greens 🥬 ❤

  13. Hey famm that’s so crazy I was just saying to me husbands I need to go stock up on some greens 🥬 I just no I’m not gonna be able to find none if I wait too long I be getting the ones in the bag too I’m gonna have to do this exact recipe I will dm a photo all that flavor o know these came out nice and tender

  14. A great video those collar greens look delicious even though I don’t care for pineapples I do like everything else you put in for your ingredients.😊

  15. Ok, one thing is for sure this is not lacking any flavor! Thank you so much for sharing! I love your unique touch to it.

  16. Hey Spicy Queen 😊❤❤ Your recipe looks amazing! I’ve never cooked collard greens that was always my grandmas job 😊 yours looks delicious ❤

  17. 🎩Hey Meshel’A 👋🏾 Hello🌸Hi
    👩🏽‍🦱Fried Collard Greens Yum! Yum
    👚👍🏾Thanksgiving Specialty!
    👖 You Did an Amazing Job! Yum!

  18. Tameka Davis says:

    Yummy yumm 😋Smooches 😘🍽️🍽️

  19. LOL, I love that you said true collard green people. I do clean and clean them again. LOL

  20. Yummy, I love this I will have to get Tom to make this keto style…LOVE the collard greens.

  21. Tameka Davis says:

    I am so sorry I missed your Live but I am here catching the replay 😢

  22. AWESOME video my new friend…

  23. Your voice is so haunting in your cooking videos Spicy. I loved this dish and it says so much about you and your cooking values. Thank you so much for sharing my wonderful friend.

  24. Much love will come back to watch in full. Lot of love it came out perfect 😍 😊

  25. Sis. YOU ROCK!!! The ingredients are beautiful, flavorful, fresh and you executed this beautifully. The pineapples were a welcomed surprise. I bet the family enjoyed this immensely!!! Cheers, Sandee

  26. looking amazing! I've never had collard greens as you don't get them here, or at least not that I've seen. I'd love to try someday and this dish looks like an awesome side, well done!

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