Processing Tomatoes into pasta sauce and chili base!!
Processing Tomatoes into pasta sauce and chili base!!
December 14, 2023
Canned Tomato Paste Production Line
Canned Tomato Paste Production Line
December 14, 2023

Choosing The BEST QUALITY Mayonnaise At The Grocery Store

December 14, 2023

Choosing The BEST QUALITY Mayonnaise At The Grocery Store

December 14, 2023

Choosing The BEST QUALITY Mayonnaise At The Grocery Store

There are lots of options for mayonnaise at the grocery store, but if you look at the ingredients, many of them are to be avoided. First off, look what type of oil they use to make the mayonnaise, avocado oil is by far the best, but many brands cheap and highly processed oils. Next look for preservatives and added sugar, mayonnaise should just be a few ingredients! Mad love..Bobby, Dessi, Rose, and Art! XOXO

Homemade avo mayo:

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  1. I can tell this guys fun at party’s

  2. @icem6765 says:

    U know a Bobby video in the store is gonna be good but The anime music in the background makes this even better

  3. @muszak1 says:

    Grew up on Best Foods mayonnaise and love its tastes. Now, I'm searching for a healthier alternative. Searching for a healthier mayonnaise is going to be expensive. Just like a human relationship, it costs. Hehehehe, my body is worth it.

  4. @wertnog6379 says:

    They don’t tell you that the avocado oil they use is just as highly refined as the other oils they use in the other brands.

  5. I’m sorry but the avocado oil mayonnaise tastes like fish I could barely get it down I made with chicken it was just bad I almost threw up but I didn’t wanna waste it but I’ll tell you I think I’ll never eat avocado mayonnaise ever again in my entire life, is there a healthier alternative because that was so bad I had to hold my nose to eat it! It was a brand new container from Costco

  6. No mention of olive oil mayo?

  7. @viz3494 says:

    This guy is a clown😂

  8. What if you hate avocado anything? I bought some of that avocado oil mayo. Ended up throwing it out. 🤮

  9. Bobby, the Managers at grocery stores should be considering what you have to say so that they can stock their shelves better for the sake of their customers health. It's all about the money though so they won't but at least they have a couple of good food choices there as far as mayonnaise goes. It's a shame that we even have to watch out for organic foods.

  10. Eat what you want, you could be hit by a car tomorrow.

  11. Hellman's is my favorite 😢

  12. I tried Primal Kitchen and Chosen mayo. They both taste awful. Best tasting is Kraft Real Mayo but it contains soybean oil. Soe avcado mayo contain

  13. the worst tasting and healthiest mayo if that is what you want, go right ahead me ill stick with good ol hellmans

  14. @render8 says:

    So Primal Kitchen brand… Are the avocados organic? And are they expeller pressed?
    They mention organic for every other ingredient except the avocado ?
    No mention of expeller pressed?

  15. @CC-iv7uj says:

    Best Organic Dijon Mustard???

  16. @CC-iv7uj says:

    I haven't found any primal kitchen items that I like. I try too.

  17. ‘Vegetable’ oil is extremely poisonous and is one of the primary links to Alzheimer’s and dementia and other inflammatory diseases. Big pharma estimates the aging generations will have a 40% increase in dementia/Alzheimer’s. Vegetable oil is falsely marketed as healthy but Scientists have been warning about it!!! Fruit oils ARE healthy and have omega 3’s while most of our food is stuffed full of vegetable oils as a filler ingredient so we’re getting far far too much of it and it’s hard to remove from the body. It affects our brain so much bc our brain is made primarily of fat and is getting almost only poisonous vegetable oils and very few omega 3’s. Look into it! 🙂

  18. Hi Bobby I’ve been struggling with what mayonnaise to buy. I really don’t like the flavor of the avocado mayonnaise. Do you really like it?

  19. @macmacox says:

    what stops the mayos that use avacado oil from using excessive processing? just 'because'? or is there an expeller pressed avo oil brand? I know of a few expeller pressed olive oil brands. If I were an evil genius I would make sure to check all these boxes to make my own 'healthy' products. and of course the most stupid evil products in the world will use the words 'smart' or 'good' or 'innocent' in the product name.

  20. Bobby, what about BestBody Avocado oil mayonnaise? It really tastes good so I'm thinking it's probably not all avocado oil. Probably cut with soybean oil.

  21. @swacfan2791 says:

    It should be against the law to sell anything soybean!

  22. @susand1178 says:

    Bobby I made my own today. I found an oil that makes all the difference in the world. I'm not a fan of avocado or olive oil it's just too bitter for me the oil I found is called… Carrington farms organic Coconut oil unflavored. Amazon 7.98 Walmart 7.98 this price is for 16oz. Amazon has a 32oz for 16.20. Dang it made the best tasting Mayo. Primal kitchen ketchup also makes the best cocktail sauce just add some horseradish it's perfect.

  23. I just want real mayonnaise without soybeans & canola oil. I hate soy, that thing poisonous.

  24. I’ve liked almost all the keto/ paleo things I’ve tried. But I can’t like the primal kitchen Mayo. I had to force myself to eat this egg salad I made today. I hate the taste. And I love avocados and I love all the other primal kitchen sauces I’ve tried. I don’t know why it taste so bad? Lol Any other Mayo suggestions that’s not avocado oil? I always liked dukes or Hellman’s lol I’ve been just not using Mayo. I love the primal kitchen ketchup can’t taste the difference.

  25. @yesenia3491 says:

    I wish I had seen this video earlier, and read all the comments because I bought Primal Kitchens avocado mayo and I have no idea what to do with it now. I did not like the taste of it at all. I just couldn't stand the taste it has, so I think I might just have to throw it away.

  26. I never buy mayonnaise I make my own. All it is is eggs and oil.

  27. @ekk15 says:

    I love chosen foods keto Mayo. It has mct oil and no olive oil or avocado oil taste. I’ve never like olive oil or avocado mayos. I’ve tried all the higher quality brands it was all a NO for me.

  28. @DiamondLil says:

    Avocado mayonnaise tastes awful!! Weird, sour, just off and plasticky.

  29. @turbo4956 says:

    Key point: pick the smallest can with most expensive price = healthy

  30. Love watching and agree so much with what you say!

  31. I watched a John Stossel show on organic and GMO food and the studies show the benefits were not worth the cost.

  32. Of the three – Sir Kensington, Chosen Foods and Primal Kitchen, I know from what others have said I will pass on the Primal Kitchen. But what I really want to know is which tastes better, Sir Kensington or Chosen Foods? Would really like to know Bobby what you, Art and everyone else thinks. Thanks.

  33. @bbclanph says:

    Thumbnail reads “I’M ALL THAT and MAYONNAISE” lol

  34. @simonize251 says:

    So if we’re going this deep with chemicals and all that. Does this mean we have to make our own toothpaste, deodorant and laundry detergent etc?

  35. bobby watch this on youtube the 100 billion dollar ingerdeant that is poisoning our food . I would like your apion.

  36. I did not like the primal kitchen mayo at all. Left a weird aftertaste in my mouth.

  37. @my3sonsmjc says:

    I’ve learned so much from you…how about making your own homemade mayonnaise? So easy! Thanks for sharing your wisdom !

  38. @amarab4404 says:

    This channel is literally a life saver. I am defiantly going to invest by buying your cookbook!

  39. Not enough hours in the day to watch all of Bobby’s videos

  40. I love the Primal Kitchen Mayo, not crazy about their salad dressings….very tart

  41. I love avocado oil but avocado Mayos are nasty they don’t have the richness of regular Mayo and have a terrible aftertaste

  42. I bought some avocado mayo and it tastes weird.

  43. @doughnutzz says:

    Primal Kitchen mayo tastes rancid. I threw away a full jar of it just this morning. I'd rather go without condiments than eat Primal Kitchen mayo.

  44. Thank you. No idea so much soy was lurking in organic mayo.

  45. The best mayonnaise in the world is when i make it!!!!! I have an old recipe my mom made when I was a kid on the farm. We never knew what Hellman's or any other name brand were about. I make it right from scratch every time for my family everytime. Use pure, light olive oil and 1 egg salt garlic and onion powder with a teaspoon hunny….and put it in a blender whirl for a few minutes until nice and soft thick…ohhh yummmm….no additives no MSG no preservatives no colouring…works for me every time….make it yourself.

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