Making mango pickle with green mangos - best way to preserve mangoes for well after the mango season
Making mango pickle with green mangos – best way to preserve mangoes for well after the mango season
December 17, 2023
Japan’s soy sauce maker ‘Kikkoman’ dominates global market
Japan’s soy sauce maker ‘Kikkoman’ dominates global market
December 18, 2023

Canning Tomato Sauce – 52 Weeks of Canning

December 18, 2023

Canning Tomato Sauce – 52 Weeks of Canning

December 18, 2023

Canning Tomato Sauce – 52 Weeks of Canning

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Canning Standard Tomato Sauce

Time to get organized! #projectpantry

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  1. I am pulling all my tomatoes out of freezer + starting today.

  2. I think it gives you the benefit to dehydrate the pulp for tomato powder.

  3. Question for you, I used 2 Tlb of lemon juice in a quart, was that too much?

  4. Leisa, 3 questions) this video has got me canning about half of my frozen tomatoes. I have them thawed (in oven at 200), used stick blender and Vitamix. Getting ready to cook, jar and can (or could I do a basically cold pack)? Next question, my Ball Citric Acid is past date, (May, 2019). Can I use it and why don’t they sell smaller containers? Debating whether to waterbath or pressure can. Is there a difference in time for WB vs PC? Thank you so much. Your videos and Canuary have really got me inspired, except I am still not confident.

  5. Could I thicken the cooked and milled tomato with a can of commercial tomato sauce?

  6. @fir8550 says:

    I recently canned 20 jars of tomatoes but I forgot to add the lemon juice, does it matter? Is the shelf life reduced?

  7. Yup , referenced your video today . Thanks for the reminder. Doing Quarts so adding a 1 tsp. Per jar. The citric acid powder. I used to do lemon but want to try the powder. I do understand the taste. 👍 So looking forward to trying this.

  8. @Madcaps7615 says:

    I just love you, Lady!! You teach such awesome time saving methods! ❤️

  9. Could you use a food strainer instead

  10. Love the Sive, I’m had one over 40 years, this year I’ve had 4-5 jars blow center off, I Pc each time, I’ve been canning over 50 years but never had centers blow off, a jar broke now & then, Each time has been ball centers, used out of different boxes, any idea?

  11. @akbauer2525 says:

    Wow! Blast from the past! I did that in 7th grade home ec! 50 years ago.

  12. So is it okay to use Roma tomatoes, dice them with the Vidalia chopper, and use them in a spaghetti sauce recipe to can—and NOT put the tomatoes through a mill?? I planned to use an immersion blender with them. Thanks!!

  13. I have my Grandma’s food mill, so I taught my grandsons how to make applesauce with it! They thought it was great fun because they got to DO something, not just sit and wait!!

  14. Can you please recommend or show the make of acidic acid you use. Its confusing on amazon

  15. I use my grams..the exact same thing…I don't want seeds or skins..its all in the process

  16. Have my tomatoes in the pot!!

  17. Yesterday I started making my tomato sauce. I started it later in the afternoon and ran out of time to finish it. Today I want to finish canning the sauce. Do I have to heat the sauce, jars, and canner back up or can I start with cold jars, sauce and canner and bring everything up to temp that way before processing?

  18. Looks beautiful and we are still learning by the adventures you go through at your home! Ok, I am really interested in trying tomato powder. Would I put the skins and seeds into a food processor or ninja (when I get one) if I didn't want the seeds or is that taken care of in the process of making the powder? I think i just answered myself lol. As we age sometimes we are no longer allowed the luxury of seeds.

  19. Do you take the skins off?

  20. Ms. Leisa where do I get citric acid? Years ago when I canned tomatoes we didn’t use citric acid but it makes absolute sense

  21. If you are pressure canning, instead of water bath where the acidity is important, why do you still have to add additional acid?

  22. Beautiful!🤗 I Love Tomatoes, any time and any way.

  23. You are so right about enjoying the things that we do. Everyone seems to be in a hurry to get somewhere, to do nothing. We miss so much of life being in a hurry. 🤗

  24. @tonib9277 says:

    Thanks so much for the video! I bought one of these strainers several years ago and didn't really know what it was for, because it didn't come with the wooden grinder thing. I picked it up at a thrift store for $3 and put it under my cabinet in the kitchen and was about to get rid of it 2 days ago. I thought it was meant to put an sterno or something under or for draining pasta lol. I decided to look up with this doohickey really was an saw that I was going to need it for canning. I have all the stuff I need for canning, but still scared to take that plunge, in case I blow something up trying to pressure can.

  25. A friend found one of those food mills at a garage sale for me. I’ve got yellow and red tomatoes in the freezer to take out and make into sauce this weekend.

  26. I don't have an energon blender what else can I use

  27. When I was 13, my great grandmother came to stay with us for the summer. She brought an identical strainer and wooden pestle with her and made jelly out of every fruit she could get her hands on. Mama only made jam, so this was quite a treat! With 5 of us kids, Mama put jam up in the old giant Adams Old Fashioned Peanut Butter jars. Three batches of jam filled 2 jars, which were then topped with paraffin. Those were the days! Oh, I should add, after Grandma strained the fruit, she hung it in a jelly bag to make a more translucent jelly.

  28. @TxgrlnGa says:

    Wow! We have my hubby’s grandmother’s strainer but no rack! 😫 need to look around 🧐

  29. What temperature do you cook all night in roaster? I may have missed it

  30. @pamt8430 says:

    I am confused. The first time I canned tomatoes I followed a youtuber's recipe. She didn't use lemon juice or citric acid and neither did I. The sauce was pressure canned. Did it 2 yrs in a row and it was good. This yr I added lemon juice to be cautious….disgusting, definitely a different taste. My confusion comes from pressure canning carrots, a low acid food, for 30 minutes vs canning tomatoes and that have acid for 20 mins. I don't know. Not trying to put you on the spot, it just seems weird because I'm mad about my sauce with lemon juice..that tastes gross. Gonna take a lot of doctoring to mask the taste…no tomato soup from that batch…LOL. Thank you for teaching.

  31. I don’t have a toaster. Can I use my crockpot? If so, what setting and for how long?

  32. @efernette says:

    I have a question. If I added citric acid to my pizza sauce and then pressure canned it… is that a bad thing? I would think it would be like added insurance.

  33. What did you have to pay for the Romas? Around here they are 99 a lb would love to put up some sauce. Looks like fun

  34. Love the food mills. My grandma had them. My brother was nice enough to give me one. As he hated using it.

  35. Are the jars, tomatoes, and water in the canner just room temperature?

  36. Your tomato sauce is beautiful! I found one of these food mills today at an estate sale! I'm so happy, it was in great condition and I've already cleaned it up and used it for the apples I cooked down for applesauce.

  37. Hey Leisa as I was in the kitchen dehydrating like a fool: eggplant peppers celery spinach carrots string beans blah blah blah I was thinking of you and the latest thing I'm doing is I'm making sure I have everything for my holidays, my holiday dinner menus, cranberry sauce, stuffing… and I'm dehydrating a lot of extra celery in case things go bad with the election and we may not feel safe going shopping. What is stuffing without celery in it? I'm making a list of everything that I need to prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas. So I'm doing special HOLIDAY PREPS. I thought that would be a great topic for you. You might have already said it. This might be your idea. I don't know. Love you to pieces! Blessings always, Alli 😊💗

  38. Looks like something to do while watching MNL!!! LOL … actually it's good practice for how to do it if you've lost power. And it's PORTABLE, so you don't have to do it just in the kitchen, you could do it on the porch if the house is too hot or near the wood stove if the house is too cold – personally I would have had one of the kids do it while practicing their spelling words or math basics.

  39. That is some beautiful sauce, Leisa! This is how I learned to can tomato sauce from my mother. I have a different food mill (the Foley food mill by Mirro). I've tried some of the new-fangled ones, but haven't liked any of them. I have been thinking of getting one like this. Last year, I did it the rebel canning way that you said you do yours, and I liked that, too. Last week, I made a batch of Mrs. Wages salsa, where I blanched and peeled the tomatoes. It was so good, and I dehydrated the skins and made them into tomato powder. Sure will enjoy all of it over the winter!

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