What To Know Before Buying Duke's Mayonnaise Again
What To Know Before Buying Duke’s Mayonnaise Again
December 17, 2023
Automatic Jam Filling Machine
Automatic Jam Filling Machine
December 17, 2023

Bottom Press Springs Test for Food Filling Machines

December 17, 2023

Bottom Press Springs Test for Food Filling Machines

December 17, 2023

Bottom Press Springs Test for Food Filling Machines

Although Galdi machines are designed to ensure simplified maintenance, the training of maintenance staff is crucial.

The ultimate goal is for technicians to deal with problems autonomously, implementing maintenance procedures defined in the customer’s PMP (Planned Maintenance Programme) correctly.

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Post-installation training for maintenance technicians is always tailored to suit the needs of our customers.



With over 30 years of experience and more than 700 machines running all over the world Galdi has become a leader in engineering and manufacturing filling machines for gable-top cartons with a special focus on filling techniques for fresh and ESL dairy products and fruit juice.

Galdi operates worldwide and collaborates with packaging multinationals and global players on the lookout for the best solutions to optimize its products and meet customer needs.


• Extremely accurate filling machines designed to the highest quality standards
• A wide range of output capacities and configurations
• Tailor-made solutions
• Efficient pre and after sales support.


Galdi offers high added value solutions for the packaging and filling of milk – dairy and fruit juice products. We’re focused on total quality and always have customer satisfaction in mind.


The RG Series includes machines designed for filling liquid food such as fresh and ESL milk-based products and fruit juice into gable-top cartons. The main benefits provided by Galdi’s RG Series are:

• Extremely flexible, accurate, user-friendly management
• A wide range of options and output capacities
• Designed to the latest standards of technology, ergonomic and safe operation
• Fully customizable according to product characteristics and package configurations
• Easy to clean and designed with high sanitary standards (35% peroxide disinfection of cartons in the Ultra-Clean version).

Filling machines for fresh products with a 7-day shelf life –

Filling machines for dairy products with a 10-day shelf life –

Filling machines for ESL products with a 28-day shelf life –

Filling machines for fermented products with a 30-day shelf life

Filling machines for liquid eggs with a 60-day shelf life –

Filling machines for wine and high-acid products with a 12-month shelf life

Filling machines for fruit juice and acid products with a 12-month shelf life



Maintain productivity ratios and boost the efficiency of your equipment with the support of Galdi’s expertise.

PMP: The preventive maintenance practice helps you improve and support system performance and reduce the risks of unexpected breakdowns and related costs.

Spare Parts: Galdi’s spare parts store meets your spare parts
requirements regarding the machines currently in production, as well as parts subject to wear on older models up to ten years after the relevant machines have been discontinued.

Upgrades: New implementations responding to the need to keep your fillers steadily up to date and working at their full potential.


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Fax: +39 0422 482230
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