Fully Automatic Ketchup Manufacturing Plant
Fully Automatic Ketchup Manufacturing Plant
December 15, 2023
Jam Recipe Mango and Jamun Easy to Prepare #YouTubeShorts #Shorts #Viral #JamRecipe #HowtoMakeJam
Jam Recipe Mango and Jamun Easy to Prepare #YouTubeShorts #Shorts #Viral #JamRecipe #HowtoMakeJam
December 15, 2023

Best Capsule Filling Machine

December 15, 2023

Best Capsule Filling Machine

December 15, 2023

Best Capsule Filling Machine

from range of Adinath provides Best Capsule Filling Machine to fill wide range of Capsules. Machine can fill size 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 capsules with production output up to 6000 capsules per hour. Different machines and interchangeable parts required to achieve these capsule sizes.

Machine is having 300 holes with 25 x 12 combinations made in Stainless Steel constructions . Machine can fill size 00 to size 5 capsules with help of different machines and interchangeable parts. Assembly has been done in such a way that it can be easily dismantle for cleaning operations. Though all the operations are manual, the machine calls for precision machined components and assembled with highly skilled personnel. Machine having wide usage in R&D laboratories, Research Institutions, Herbal & Nutraceutical preparations, Unani & Ayurvedic medicines, Pilot batch productions etc.

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We have supplied capsule filling machine to USA, France, Poland, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Peru, South Africa, Egypt, Indonesia, UAE, Vietnam, Pakistan, Uganda, Philippines, Greece, Columbia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Kenya, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Nepal, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Australia, Switzerland, Sudan, Russia, Yemen, Iran, Morocco, Malawi, Thailand, Tanzania, Canada, Belarus ,USA ,Cyprus ,UAE ,Republic of Congo ,Canada ,Russia ,South Africa ,Crotia ,Nepal ,OMAN ,UKRAINE ,China ,Bhutan ,Ghana ,Yugoslavia ,Nigeria ,Netherlands ,Vietnam ,Thailand ,Kenya ,Iran ,Malaysia ,Bangladesh ,Pakistan, U.A.E , SAUDI ARABIA , Monrovia , Phillipines , Spain ,Liberia , Iran ,U.S.A, Canada, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Kuwait, Iran, Algeria, Argentina, Bangladesh, Bangkok, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Nigeria, Ghana, Malawi, Egypt, Ukraine, Nepal, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Tibet Lusaka, Egypt, England, UAE, Bahrain, Vietnam, Iran, Poland, Tanzania, Malaysia, Nigeria, Sudan, U.K., Italy, Thailand, Span, Kenya, Lebanon, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Botswana, Iraq, Thailand, Span, Mauritius, Ethopia,

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  1. Your machine looked interesting. If not a little overly complex leading need to feel that it’s going to be a high price and that’s where the games begin because you like to play games with the price that automatically turns me off and I don’t care how good your product is I will not do business with you because I don’t like the way you operate. Got along without you before I met you. I can get along without you now.

  2. Dimanakah saya bisa membelinya

  3. How abt the drug measurements

  4. How much and where can I buy?

  5. very nice pic please price

  6. @KRYSISJAG says:

    Will this work for any size pill? 😊

  7. Video is not good ….to understand

  8. @vcash1112 says:

    Too many steps, do you have a machine that does it all automatically?

  9. I need this machine in Pakistan how ?

  10. Interesting though made longtime ago. Pls, can you give out a single piece?

  11. @arvindm1945 says:

    where can i buy this in chennai.

  12. Do you have representative in Indonesia?

  13. Etok khon Lage Capsule Korte 20Secende Lage Amar

  14. @jordyhn100 says:

    Only little concern about the exstra powder that you only spread in a few capsules the amount won't be the same in al capsules

  15. @2070obas says:

    Does one need, DEA approval to own it?

  16. @OmarDelawar says:

    How much does it cost, please? We're interested.

  17. 300 holes or more..manuel filling m/c prices needed…for 500mg of size 0..

  18. @citizendc9 says:

    Very nice. I like the full metal design and that it makes close to 300 capsules.
    Only criticism is that some of the powder moves a bit too easily past the walls and can mess outside.

  19. @kaykaybhoo1 says:

    What’s the capsule count on this machine?

  20. @drgeorge3 says:

    How much does it costs
    Available 00 size

  21. Do you ship to the US?

  22. @AL-ru3nk says:

    Shouldnt he have gloves on??

  23. @BEATRoify says:

    can this machine make #000 size capsules?

  24. Everyone is asking the price, And the company keeps saying to email them. But nobody has actually commented on the price that they received… That's not a good sign

  25. Very nice
    How many price

  26. @MikeTrieu says:

    Yeesh, so much for quality control. Didn't even bother to do a second packing after the tamping. Amateur hour.

  27. Sir cost kya hai machine ka

  28. @madhuji2306 says:

    Barish ke mousam me kharab ho jate hai capsule to uske lie kya kre.. please reply

  29. @writerJamal says:

    How much this prices

  30. I want to buy this machine, please provide me details on skp6198@gmail.com

  31. Agarg225@gmail.com

    Please give machine and price detail.

  32. Can you tell me the details

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