Chili Sauce Production Line #chili #sauce #machine
Chili Sauce Production Line #chili #sauce #machine
November 29, 2023
Box Packing Machine
Box Packing Machine
November 29, 2023

BEFORE You Make MAYO, THIS is the #1 Ingredient to keep it for 3 Months Fresh in the Fridge!

November 29, 2023

BEFORE You Make MAYO, THIS is the #1 Ingredient to keep it for 3 Months Fresh in the Fridge!

November 29, 2023

BEFORE You Make MAYO, THIS is the #1 Ingredient to keep it for 3 Months Fresh in the Fridge!

FINALLY, a recipe that makes making homemade mayo easy and ‘worth’ your time because you no longer have to worry about it going bad in just a few short days. This fermented mayo (that does look, taste or smell like anything you or your family would suspect) is going to be your new GO TO because it lasts just as long as the store stuff (at least 90 days)! Even if you already have homemade mayo in your fridge, you’ll want to add this ONE ingredient NOW so that it doesn’t spoil on you in the fridge! In this video I share how to make your own, delicious tasting homemade mayo, ways to play with herb combinations, and share all kinds of recipe tips like which oils work best (and why) so that you can get a delicious make at home mayo recipe you’ll love.

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  1. @becomingafarmgirl would kefir be acceptable to add, as a fermenting liquid ?

  2. @JayHorusRa1 says:

    I wonder how well this works to make Japanese style mayo?

  3. WOW you're a lil hottie, i just fell in love

  4. @royking7298 says:

    Love love love this video!! Thans a million!!! Personaly I think olive oil is a miracle oil, and use if all the time. Now, I'm going out to get that immersion blender that I've been procrastinating on obtaining. Cheers! Keep up the good work!!! Oh!!!! I use mayo to coat both sides of bread when making grilled ham & cheese sandwiches! It's AMAZING!!!

  5. I love that you're making breakfast in your robe! Way to be real, girl! Thanks for the recipe, I've only fermented veggies, but I'm excited to try condiments.

  6. One of the greatest presenters ever on YT!

  7. @kjirsten11 says:

    I just made your mayo for the first time this evening. It turned out really good! But after, I realized I used the whey from a cottage cheese that is pasteurized and the package does not say microbes/live cultures were added back in. So looks like I need to try again.

  8. Don't forget to add Tablespoon or two of mayo to your mashed potatoes. Takes the creamyness up a couple of notches!!

  9. @YeszCore says:

    You can use a regular blender or food processor if you add the oil last. Drizzle it in very slowly until it's all incorporated. That's how restaurants typically make emulsions.

  10. @vickijd22 says:

    Do you put the homemade mayo with the garlic in it, in your chocolate cake? 🤔

  11. @vickijd22 says:

    Raw eggs in the icing? 😮

  12. @SnarkyB says:

    I cook down milk and with a little buttermilk to make cream cheese. Would the whey left behind after I strain out the curds work for fermenting this Mayo?

  13. @gijoyjoy says:

    I made this mayo and it’s the best mayo I ever tasted! I’d like to try those other recipe suggestions with the mayo, like your chocolate cake and the pancakes. Do you have those recipes posted somewhere?
    Thank you for sharing! 🙏🏽🫶🏽

  14. well done: even reading to me about the critters eating up the oxygen. great comprehensive treatise, and encouraging.

  15. What about being lactose intolerant?

  16. If you are not to leave mayonaise out of the refridgerator, how is it safe to use instead of butter for grilled cheese?

  17. BRILLIANT share!! TY!! I make my own cheese/yogurt/kombucha/keffir cheese/yogurt and always have leftover whey that I never use, I had a go at making Mayo but it was super watery and didn't make a second batch but having come across this post I am going to give it another go, and as it lasts longer after you first open/use it, what about a second batch, how long will that last unopened before using please? Again,,,GREAT share!! TY!!! 🙂 (Subscribed also!!) 🙂

  18. This is GENIUS!! 😮😍can I use kefir in this??

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