Sauce Packaging Machine: how to fill and seal sauce sachet(sauce packing machine, 20-40sachets/min)
Sauce Packaging Machine: how to fill and seal sauce sachet(sauce packing machine, 20-40sachets/min)
December 25, 2023 P570: industrial 3D model dual speed chain P570: industrial 3D model dual speed chain
December 25, 2023

Banana Under The Microscope #shorts #microscope #underamicroscope #microscopechallenge

December 25, 2023

Banana Under The Microscope #shorts #microscope #underamicroscope #microscopechallenge

December 25, 2023

Banana Under The Microscope #shorts #microscope #underamicroscope #microscopechallenge

Welcome to TULO – Microscope!
Banana Under The Microscope
TULO – Microscope is a channel to give you fascinating information about a new colorful world under a microscope.
You will be amazed by what you see under the microscope, such as bacteria under the microscope, under a microscope food,
ant under the microscope or sand under the microscope, and more.
Not only that, TULO – Microscope also provides you with useful knowledge about food hygiene and safety as well as to prevent regrets that may happen to your health.

TULO – Microscope will be greatly enhanced if we could receive the microscope challenge from you.

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Wish you have relaxing moments with TULO – Microscope!
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#underamicroscope food

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  1. Let's comment what you want to look under the microscope in the next video. I will read and examine it according to your request. Thanks for watching!

  2. I thought the black part is due to it's sugary substance so can still use to make banana cake , 😂

  3. @leahra6920 says:

    Dw the FDA allows a certain % of critters to exist in foods like these. Should check out strawberries. They are in such small concentrations or otherwise microscopic enough that it’s fairly harmless to people.

    Of course if you want then drawn out the food, wash them in salt. Will take out most of the little critters

  4. Nothing is safe to eat. Even the air we breathe is also not safe. The safest is the graveyard

  5. Eso es mentira. No pueden hacer videos así. Solo desinforman. 👎👎

  6. this is over ripe banana go for freah one i want to see the normal ripe banana

  7. @Original89 says:

    everything in the universe happened because vibration

  8. 😮😮😮กินอะไรไม่ลงเลย มีแต่เชื้อโรคทุกอัน แล้วเหลืออะไรให้กินได้บ้าง

  9. @gadalyga says:

    Your banana😂😂😂

  10. Y esta bacteria lleva dentro otra mas pequeña 😂

  11. စားလို့ရတာ အကောင်ကင်းတာရောရှိသေးရဲ့လား

  12. Guys this is fake not Real

  13. คงไม่ต้องกินอะไรแล้วแหละ แบบนี้

  14. Lets not eat a rotten banana..

  15. New information. Thank you

  16. But God should I leave the fruits?

  17. Anything you put under a microscope, you will see such a thing

  18. Hell no . That's it for bananas

  19. Везде есть глицитов, но это не страшно. Надо голатать кусочек чеснока с утра перед завтрака. А ребёнку канечно сипоп.

  20. I have been eating most of my bananas over ripe in this state, and I am fne

  21. @yukara says:


  22. That's why they taste better than green bananas

  23. @Desdex says:

    Human stomach acid is strong enough to kill a bacteria unless ur immune system is weak.

  24. why don't you check your saliva.

  25. This is why I HATE bananas

  26. 人間の目はよくできている。

  27. Yep that's definitely fake

  28. And is increasing. Naturality is an absurd way of life.

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