Gelgoog Automatic Tomato Ketchup Production Process Solution
Gelgoog Automatic Tomato Ketchup Production Process Solution
November 21, 2023
How Do You Wash Cucumbers For Pickling?Cleaning Cucumbers In The Washing Machine
How Do You Wash Cucumbers For Pickling?Cleaning Cucumbers In The Washing Machine
November 21, 2023

Automatic Soda Bottle Bunch Packing Machine | New Technology Wala Bunch Packing Machine

November 21, 2023

Automatic Soda Bottle Bunch Packing Machine | New Technology Wala Bunch Packing Machine

November 21, 2023

Automatic Soda Bottle Bunch Packing Machine | New Technology Wala Bunch Packing Machine

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  1. Heating machine kitne ki hai aur kaha milegi

  2. Old kitne ki aur kaise milegi

  3. Best machine khs😍❤

  4. Are you gonna pay the bill offcourse not so old is 🥇 gold and new method will take much space whereas old method is portable you can move it

  5. old is faster cheaper and easy then this shit

  6. अच्छा है मशीन🎉

  7. Mohammed Avc says:

    Machine details & price

  8. Вручную пацан быстрее сделал, чем станок 😂

  9. Wagner Rocha says:

    Que nojo! Não tem higiene nenhum!

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