Automatic Mayonnaise Production Line|Neostarpack
Automatic Mayonnaise Production Line|Neostarpack
November 16, 2023
10 Sustainable Food Packaging Companies To Support (2022)
10 Sustainable Food Packaging Companies To Support (2022)
November 16, 2023

An EASY way to make homemade TOMATO PASTE!

November 16, 2023

An EASY way to make homemade TOMATO PASTE!

November 16, 2023

An EASY way to make homemade TOMATO PASTE!

Homegrown homemade tomato for the freezer! How to make tomato paste from scratch!

Spring-Loaded Scoops

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  1. Finally i found a well-explained tomato paste tutorial! I love italian dish (pasta, pizza, lasagna, etc) but tomato paste or tomato puree in here lil bit pricey. Yes we have instant bolognese sauce in here with better price but the taste isn’t satisfy my tastebud 😂 will try this tutorial soon!

  2. Ummm you dont actually need a "really pointy knife" to simply slice into a soft tomato. You could dull the point of a knife on concrete and its still going to easily poke and slice into a tomato

  3. Alyssa Beale says:

    So easy!! Looks like you can do the paste and sauce at the same time

  4. This is a great idea. I love tomato paste and use it in MANY recipes. I also freeze mine in individual portions. I do that even with cans of tomato paste that I buy so it doesn’t go to waste. Your method seems very practical, especially for those who don’t have a dehydrator. I don’t like the idea of doing this in a crock pot because it would seem all the steam and moisture would make it watered down and take forever to turn to paste. Even though this seems a bit time-intensive, it looks like it would be worth it. I will definitely try this. Appreciate this idea! Thanks.

  5. vernfl291 says:

    Would doing the final step in a slow cooker (crock pot) like you would with apple butter?

  6. Holly Dudley says:

    Could I use parchment paper to prevent the risk of burning when cooking?

  7. Im guessing the spatula is RADA? It looks a lot like mine. Its awesome. Thanks for sharing this! 😊

  8. Almost allllll my tomatoes get turned into paste. They aren't paste tomatoes, they are early girls this year. I took the skins off the last batch (and dried the skins for powder) because i thought skins make it bitter… But it got bitter anyway. Fortunately, and amazingly , baking soda fixed it. What made it bitter, the seeds? Even though i had to use baking soda, it's still wayyyyy better paste than corporate canned paste any day!

  9. Toni Lund says:

    Thank you so much for this video!

  10. Chickenhouse says:

    Wow, did you copy this from Acre Homestead?

  11. shinglara says:

    wont it destroy all the nutrients ?

  12. Great idea on using the scoop to portion out the paste to freeze! 👍👍👍😀

  13. crabtrap says:

    i can save you a lot of time/energy and also usable for any variety of tomato.
    1: grind your dehydrated tomatoes into a powder.
    2; grind up your fresh tomatoes.
    3: cook your fresh toma sauce to reduce moister while adding toma powder.
    powder rehydration will take about 30mins. add more if you need a thicker paste.

    no oven needed. but dehydrated toma is.
    TIP: ground eggplant is a great thickener too if you have a surplus

  14. What is a paste tomatoe? Those look like Romas to me.

  15. Susan says:

    Paste tomatoes ? Roma …

  16. What is the quantity of ingredient?

  17. whatsleft100 says:

    Great video ,i wonder if you could reduce it in a slow cooker ,instead of the oven for hours?

  18. Dee M says:

    Thank you for sharing. Great content! 🥂💐

  19. Sylvie L says:

    Thank you , very good video ! , I read someone said to freeze tomatoes before, makes the process easier , but I prefer your way , tomatoes especially, loose to much flavors after being frozen even a short time .
    Good job!!

  20. Becky says:

    As someone who has used one cube trays, they don’t work as well. 😅 That thick paste is very difficult to get out.

  21. Aggie Kromah says:

    Thank you for sharing you method I will surely try it thanks again🤩🙏🏿🙏🏿❤️

  22. Apart from all the comments that seem to think occasionally stirring a pot is "hard work," this is a very simple method for making paste. I also love the tip to portion them out and freeze them. I'm just curious though, after cutting the tomatoes into chunks, can you puree them then with a stick blender before cooking them down? I saw you said "I wouldn't do that" in another comment, but I wasn't sure if it was in response to the question being asked or to one of the other comments in that thread. If you wouldn't puree them first, why? Thanks!

  23. Roma or plum tomatoes?

  24. kate says:

    For everyone asking about canning the paste…. My Ball canning book says to water bath can 1/2 pints for 40 min. You need to add lemon juice or citric acid if canning. Per 12LBS of tomatoes, add 1/4 cup bottled lemon juice or 1 tsp citric acid

  25. marysdecker says:

    I love this! And freezing them in the measurement is awesome!

  26. Swiss Irene says:

    Can only agree on not blending hot stuff. I once blended hot tomatoes for a soup and ended up with nasty burns on both my arms. Luckily nothing really serious but it was painful!

  27. Excellent! Hope to try!

  28. Mary AL says:

    When your tomatoes release all that juice take a strainer and push down into your tomatoes and scope out the juice. I canned the juice for other recipes. Also you can can the tomato paste.

  29. 5GreenAcres says:

    I didn't like the brown color at the end after freezing. Why not can them at that point?

  30. Theresa M says:

    I got a whole 2 tomatoes this yr…yup. :/ They were San Marzano paste tomatoes. I usually can only find Roma paste tomatoes. Holy cow, what a difference. The San Marzano had that intense paste flavor I hadn't tasted since I was a kid. I stopped using paste like 30yrs ago because it was expensive, then didn't make my own sauce anymore. 1-2 ppl, decent jar sauces out there so… If I ever get more than 2 tomatoes, I'll make sauce again.

  31. Cuz1971 says:

    You say paste tomatoes isn’t that also called plumb tomatoes?

  32. If you don't have a dehydrator, this is the recipe for You!! 😊😊

  33. what about canning the paste?

  34. Nermin Acar says:

    İm my country after blending the pure we put salt and a little bit bicarbonate and dry it in sun. You put it to a sunny place covering it with a very thin see-trough cloth and stir it ones a day till it becomes a thick paste… its healthier and you don’t spend so much electricity. Its also tastes better… has a unique taste that comes from the sun. And you don’t need to store it in the fridge. Cover it with olive oil and enjoy till next season.

  35. Could you just stick it in a dehydrator at that temp?

  36. One tip I've learned the hard way: As the volume of liquid decreases, lower the temperature to keep it at the same level of simmering! At least, this is true on my electric stove. Actually, I've found this applies to just about any liquid-y thing you're cooking on top of the stove. 😎

  37. Ashley Oberg says:

    So I know cherry tomatoes won’t yield much, but I’m going to have quite a few cherry tomatoes soon once they turn red. I don’t like tomatoes but I like tomato paste etc for recipes. I’m thinking if I use all my cherry tomatoes and maybe throw in a few store bought tomatoes, that I can try and make this so they don’t just go to waste. (I was given the tomato plant so I just decided to plant it haha)

  38. Vicky Picky says:

    Can you do this to applesauce,freeze it.

  39. Lots of fantastic info here! Last year, I froze my paste, but perhaps I'll try freezing in spheres this year! Since the gel, which holds the seeds, contains vast amounts of that delicious tomato flavor, I'd probably not get rid of it, and just spend longer letting things cook down.

  40. Lynn Andrews says:

    I would not cook it in the oven or on the stove where I have to mind it. I make mine in my crockpot with the lid cracked a bit. Set it & forget it!

  41. Sukey Watson says:

    One might also consider how do this without the aide of freezers, dehydrators, blenders.. that is always my goal…

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