Amazing Food Industry Machines of Processing and Packaging | 4
Amazing Food Industry Machines of Processing and Packaging | 4
December 12, 2023
Food Processing Machinery Manufacturer – [Get Best Quality Machines at Reasonable Price]
Food Processing Machinery Manufacturer – [Get Best Quality Machines at Reasonable Price]
December 12, 2023

Amazing Medjool Dates Fruit Farming and Factory – Artificial Intelligence Date Processing Technology

December 12, 2023

Amazing Medjool Dates Fruit Farming and Factory – Artificial Intelligence Date Processing Technology

December 12, 2023

Amazing Medjool Dates Fruit Farming and Factory – Artificial Intelligence Date Processing Technology

This short documentary speaks about the amazing Medjool dates grown at AbuAyyash Farms located in Al Karameh in the Jordanian Valley of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, home to the world’s lowest elevation. This amazing location combined with the experience of many generations at AbuAyyash Farms produces the earth’s tastiest Medjool Dates.

This documentary showcases the world’s first and most advanced Italian Medjool sorting technology powered by artificial intelligence. We take you through all the processes AbuAyyash Medjool Dates go through to finally land on your table.

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Artificial intelligence is shaping all industries worldwide every day, watch how it is being implemented in the Medjool Date sorting industry in Al Karameh in Jordan and the accuracy and speed it produces.

Al Karameh – Jordan

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  1. right side below left side above

  2. @M9K9 says:

    استغربت من هالعجوز… آخر مقطع في الفيديو .. سبحان الله … ما أرجع الفضل لله وحده.. الذي علّمكم و وفّقكم و أنبت لكم هذه الثمار .
    بس لماذ جت على إستمرارية المزرعة قال "إن شاء الله" 😂😂😂 علشان تستمر .. الله يهدي أغنياء المسلمين

  3. dates are just giant raisins

  4. @nvraoo says:

    Excellent quality dates…

  5. have you export to indonesia?

  6. Which company manufacturing your fully automatic super fectory Thnq

  7. ❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉

  8. Incrível como Deus e perfeito 😊😊😊repara a terra seca 😊😊

  9. @srah.s says:

    I looooovee dates..specially ajwa

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  11. @itsmebrenda says:

    my fav!!! thank you

  12. I was very Impressed! The Abuayyash farmers know what they are doing. You should note that the "Premium" grade is what would go to the banquet table, the others might go to the commercial side and be used in recipes.

  13. The BEST fruit…the best water…the BEST wealth of Oil…the Holy mosque's…the religious sites of the previous Prophet's… the Middle East.. controlled by Muslims ..yet the non Muslims are not heedful of these signs an still reject Islam 😮

  14. I farted and pooped out most of the dates but a few arent included

  15. It's nutritious. It contains vitamins and fiberous and Iron containing food.Its sweeteness is incompatible.Allah's blessing.
    Hard working process.
    Grateful for efforts.
    Allah protect, Allah help &Guide.

  16. @n8utrera260 says:

    God, i love dates so much. Im addicted at this point.

  17. @wemcal says:

    Great video and lovely fruit… great information

  18. Very well described with full of needed information..actually currently I'm using Omani Dated since last 2 years!

  19. Wide range of raw materials, this production line is suitable for the fruit similar to jujube and hawthorn, dry jujube and fresh jujube;

  20. this previous ramadham my cousin brought us these dates from Bahrain 😘

  21. @arebolar says:

    Do they use any preservatives?

  22. Coachella Valley Indio California
    Used to be the date capital. Back in the forties and fifties. I remember going through the old house little kid. Order my great aunts and my grandfather. She loved him so he stopped for her. She bad bankfull. Give me one
    Now I'm buying it..
    And yes they're still delicious.
    But not as good as it tasting it feel. I couldn't figure out why those bags were hanging upside down. On the palm trees and the letters didn't come all the way down to the crown.👍🏽✌🏽😊😎.
    Back in the early sixties.

  23. @sbe8621 says:

    i thought Jordan valley dates are Israeli

  24. @bibs0169 says:

    What an insult to GOD

  25. @m00nchxld8 says:

    Mejdool dates have originated from Morocco and those are the best ones you could ever have

  26. Cela doit être Bon mais je n'en n'achète pas comme certaines viennent de l'état sionistes et apartheid je m'en méfie voleur de terres de palestienne Free Palestine ♥️🇵🇸♥️ j'achète là datte qui vient d'Algérie la variété deglet Nour la meilleure dattes de renommée internationale depuis des lustres 👍 salutations de Canberra 🇭🇲🦘 ici Les gens adorent là dattes d'Algérie 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  27. المجهول Mejhoul
    Is a Moroccan dates variety. It's origin is The Kingdom of Morocco and specifically the region of Daraâ-Tafilalt South-East of Morocco, and the most delicious Mejhoul dates in the world are the ones produced in Morocco due to the perfect climate for this variety of dates so they are the Premium Dates.
    And the other Medjoul in other countries are the second choice.

  28. This was a great video to introduce Medjool dates. You really have a high level of technology in your company. We are also farmers and we have been cultivating Sayer dates for many years and we have reached the export stage, but almost in a semi-industrial way.
    we wish you success

    نتمنا لکم افضل اللحضات ♥️

  29. @DrRaiq says:

    جهد رائع وتشكرون عليه ♥️

  30. how does the fresh fruit taste like?

  31. احسن و اصل تمر المجهول هو المجهول المغربي 😋😋😋😋

  32. The farmers last words were not translated properly. Not seeing Inshallah mentioned.

  33. اضن أن التمور الجزائرية احسن تمور في العالم خاصة دقلة نور

  34. Medjool dates owns Isrealis and I will not encourage the Muslim community to buy it.

  35. @tabok14 says:

    الحمد لله الذي وفقكم لهذا العمل الصالح الذي بسببه سيتخلص الناس من اضرار السكر المكرر واستبداله بالتمور المتنوعة المفيدة واللذيذة.

  36. بسم الله ماشاء الله

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