🔴LIVE! Chicken pot pie soup with biscuits 😋
🔴LIVE! Chicken pot pie soup with biscuits 😋
November 3, 2023
Secrets of our Food: The Hidden Ketchup Chronicles | ENDEVR Documentary
Secrets of our Food: The Hidden Ketchup Chronicles | ENDEVR Documentary
November 3, 2023

Adding this one ingredient to homemade mayo changed it all! | EASIEST DIY MAYO

November 3, 2023

Adding this one ingredient to homemade mayo changed it all! | EASIEST DIY MAYO

November 3, 2023

Adding this one ingredient to homemade mayo changed it all! | EASIEST DIY MAYO

Learn how one simple ingredient can transform your homemade mayonnaise into fermented mayo that will last in the refrigerator for months! This recipe tastes delicious and is actually healthier than regular homemade mayo.

For the written recipe and step-by-step instructions, visit the blog post here:

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  1. Elena Ortega says:

    It takes a whole long minute to make mayonnaise

  2. The GADPHLY says:

    Good tips, All the shows forget one thing. WASH ALL EGGS WELL .. I got the worst malady from unwashed store bought eggs. ALL the salmonella is on the OUTSIDE of the eggs.. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Alicia Perez says:

    Can I use my kefir??

  4. Dianne Evans says:

    Botulism doesn't grow well in the presence of oxygen. That is why it is only a concern for canning or other sealed food storage methods.

  5. i love home made mayo used to make it growing up…but these store bought eggs won't do it any suggestions.

  6. Joseph B says:

    Have you tried using coconut oil instead of seed oils?

  7. I made this today I must say, girl, you got Helmiems beat . I’m not going back to store thank you for sharing your recipe 9:12

  8. Marilyn Hill says:

    Can I use one or two of my water glass eggs for this

  9. Uncle Buzz says:

    Well that's different.

  10. Does it lose the fluff when it settles in the fridge? How to stop losing the fluff

  11. Reagan Trump says:

    It may not be so natural…. but the other way to make mayonnaise that lasts longer is to pasteurize the egg and let it cool before cracking to mak the mayonnaise. That is also what gives store bought mayonnaise that thicker jiggle like quality.. Mayonnaise manufacturer's pasteurize their eggs.. I am guessing to 161°F. before cooling. I have made mayonnaise before using a copycat Duke's style mayonnaise, which was very good. I will give your recipe a go, Carol. Thank you!

  12. I think if you added dill and garlic to this, it would make the perfect spread for that BLT or even just tomato sandwich in the summer it would be perfection. Now I just need to figure out how to do a vegan version because someone is allergic to eggs 😢

  13. Bonzo says:

    Nice video. I live in thailand where it is HOT. Do you think 6 hours room temp still be safe? Also as a ferment starter, would a tablespoon of greek yoghurt do the job.? Thanks!

  14. Most important part of making mayo is for it to be set at room temperature for the acid to do its work of killing harmful bacteria for several hours even if you don't add ferment.

  15. You didn’t say how much ferment … in my case yogurt

  16. Help? I've made mayo before perfectly. today I did your recipe but maybe used too much mustard as I put my four tbsp of whey in my mustard bottle to rinse it out. (four eggs yolks) It came out runny. Tastes like mayo but liquidy. Is there any way to rescue it? thank you. I've had my whole family and some of my network subscribe to your excellent channel.

  17. LoneStarMum says:

    Do you think the bubbies fermented pickle juice would work for this? Thanks!

  18. BLACBLAC says:

    Suicidal mayo.

    There is no need to ferment anything if you use enough salt, citric acid or enough vinegar if not both.

    If you wan't a fermented character to your mayo you add latic acid to 0.7% concentration together with your citric acid or vinegar.

    If you can't verify the pH on your mayo you never ever store it for longer than 24h refrigerated under 8°C.

    Your recipe is irresponsible, can get people killed.

  19. Crypto Chic says:

    Could you use the whey from sour cream ?

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