Reinforcement learning for the adaptive speed regulation on a metallurgical pickling line
Reinforcement learning for the adaptive speed regulation on a metallurgical pickling line
March 9, 2024
How to make mayonnaise with Jamie Oliver
How to make mayonnaise with Jamie Oliver
March 9, 2024

4 Seasons of Aging Japanese Soy Sauce

March 9, 2024

4 Seasons of Aging Japanese Soy Sauce

March 9, 2024

4 Seasons of Aging Japanese Soy Sauce

Continued from for the first part of this process, started in December 2019 and finished here in February 2021.

The written recipe:

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Music: Adagio in G minor Yuliya Lebedenko

Kitchen Essentials:
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  1. After 4 seasons of waiting through the entire year 2020, this soy sauce is done. I hope you enjoy seeing this as much as I enjoy sharing it. Thank you for watching my videos!

  2. @liligh says:

    How does bad mould looks like?

  3. Thanks for the instruction and inspiration. After making tofu, I decided to look into soy sauce and miso paste.

  4. @mliittsc63 says:

    Very beautiful. Thank you.

  5. Hurt my feelings when i watched you boil and evaporate part of your whole patience work.

  6. @Tom-yc8jv says:

    Dislike just because of the political statement in it.

  7. How long it can last in or out refrigerator?

  8. How does the flavor compares to the real stuff?

  9. Por favor add a legenda em portugues Brasil?

  10. @rubennadevi says:

    These were incredibly beautiful videos! ❤️

  11. By now your shoyu is a vintage shoyu and were still dealing with covid

  12. @Mahalalel3 says:

    I am glad I got to have watched your video ! I buy aged Japanese soy sauce and it is SO good. Your soy sauce I would bet is amazing to the taste. Thank you for this lovely video.

  13. So, the bean paste you got after letting the sauce drip for a night. Is it miso ? Or is miso something else ?

  14. Hi, I just loved your videos.
    I live in Brazil and Koji is not easy to find here, But I can find homemade miso paste not pasteurized. Can I use this miso paste as a starter for my soy sauce?

    Thanks in advance

  15. @sdmbusiness says:

    Thank for sharing your journey. It looks gorgeous.

  16. Is the process somehow different if I only use the Soybeans and the Koji without barley so I can make Tamari / Glutenfree? Is the soybean paste somehow similar to Miso? Thanks for the great work and documentation you have spend all this months with! I enjoyed it a lot! 🌞

  17. Felicidades! Gran trabajo y paciencia. Estoy experimentando con okara, harina, trigo tostado, agua y sal. En un garrafón de 20 litros. Veremos qué sale. Gracias por compartir.

  18. @diageo23 says:

    mine has been fermenting for about a week now…. mine doesn’t have much color, pale tan/brown… and the smell is somewhat yeasty when i stir it… since i have nothing to compare this to, can you tell me if this is normal?

  19. Does all of it need to be stored in the fridge?

  20. Amazing and very interesting. Cause I love Japnese food and my grandson too. He is only 2 years but likes cooked rice with soysauce (Kikoman less aslt) I will try to do for him. Maybe it will be tasty 🙂 Thank you for your video clip. Best wishes from STOCKHOLM – SWEDEN

  21. @babbq says:

    Like a ASMR to me! 🙂 Thank you, I time travelled with you!

  22. Wow! Such a well done video! Thank you

  23. @ercedwrds says:

    Amazing video. Educational and beautiful. Did the smell change noticeably during the process?

  24. Hey! My name is Daniel! I'm brasilian and have been apreciating your channel on Youtube and read some things on your blog! Wonderful contents! I'm planning to do a soy sauce test and want to know if I can do the recipe without gluten. I'm thinking about using the koji-kin mixed with rice flour instead the wheat or barley. Do you think thats works? And do you have some tips for me?? (Sorry my english, please!!!) And so much thank you for your contents! You're a brilliant person!

  25. @Kali-77 says:

    Beautiful <3 How long and where do you store it after its complete ?

  26. Why did you boil it , that will vanish all the probiotics?

  27. wow!!! thanks for this incredible video! Thanks for the beauty and inspiration! I really want to make soy sauce. Hello from Russia

  28. @drive67ray says:

    you now have to much soy sauce so send me one 😂

  29. @hungtran635 says:

    That's dedication. Ok going buy $2.99 bottle now

  30. Can u pls send me 1 😅

  31. lovely video. very informative. i just wanted to make one comment. boiling in the end is not just about preventing mold, but also to stop the enzymes from continuing to break things down. putting the sauce in the fridge will also do this.which you did. i believe the idea is that once it is fermented and tastes the way you want it to taste you boil it so it will keep the taste it has. thanks again for the video!! i really enjoyed it.

  32. @Unbruto says:

    Great upload! I am making fermented bean paste currently and am interested in making tamari. Very interesting!

  33. @mzleveli says:

    Thank you for this wonderful inspiration!
    I'm planning to make soy sauce following your recipe – can you tell me how much yield I should expect from those 6 cups (~1.2 kg right?) of soy?

  34. so the bean paste is also miso?
    whats the difference between normal miso with this bean paste?

  35. @QuadiePoo says:

    The music is beautiful! So is the editing. I got sucked into watching the prior video and had to find this one immediately lol

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