Table top piston filler, jam fruit spread, gulkand, marmalade murabba filling machine
Table top piston filler, jam fruit spread, gulkand, marmalade murabba filling machine
January 11, 2024
Daily 1500 ton fresh tomato paste production factory
Daily 1500 ton fresh tomato paste production factory
January 11, 2024

30 నిమిషాల్లో 30కేజీలు | Chicken Pickle Making Process by Bhimavaram Pickles | Myra Media

January 11, 2024

30 నిమిషాల్లో 30కేజీలు | Chicken Pickle Making Process by Bhimavaram Pickles | Myra Media

January 11, 2024

30 నిమిషాల్లో 30కేజీలు | Chicken Pickle Making Process by Bhimavaram Pickles | Myra Media

WATCH :: 30 నిమిషాల్లో 30కేజీలు | Making Process by Bhimavaram Pickles Visakhapatnam | Myra Media.
#chickenpickleintelugu #bhimavarampickles #vegpickle #nonvegpickle

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  1. అడ్రస్, సెల్ నెంబర్ కావాలి

  2. Sir. Maddam pickels are rare eatters here as such no sweet net is there to that part of sour and souch of life as it is …. Look…. This how to juk this

  3. Nv thopu nv quality certificate ivvagane teskodanki

  4. Online available leda bro

  5. Ani rojulu neluva untundi madam

  6. Hi madam kg chicken ku antha pickle avuthadhi

  7. Masala lo emi vesaro cheppaledhu

  8. 1kg chicken pickle cost and prawn pickle kg cost yenta..cheppande

  9. Hlo and lie order Chastara

  10. Medam boneless chicken pickle kavali mobile number chappandi

  11. @prabhablog says:

    Hello ma'am…How to order these picles from you available to cod & online facility..

  12. కిలో ఎంత నో

  13. Hygienic em kanipichaledhu Bayya akka da….. But OK parledhu manchigane undhi….

  14. @kummis9945 says:

    One kg pickle entha Andi

  15. Plz send ur price list to my no

  16. Can I contact with you madam
    Plz send ur contact no
    I want to learn making of
    Pickle from u

  17. Memu business cheyali anukuntunnam madam me number evandu madam

  18. Allam vellulli veyyaledu

  19. How do we order if we need it for Usa?

  20. Hyderabad lo akkada me shop

  21. Pickles pattatam baganevundi kani meru storege chesi plastic dabbalu food gread plastic kadu health ki pramadam pingaani jar lu vadali health problem vundadu

  22. Bheemavaram….pedda waste foods

  23. Don't eat pickles , cancer can attack

  24. Medam masala powder name cheppaledi

  25. Hi నిన్ను బిసినెస్ చేయాలి అని అనుకున్న మీరు మాకు హోల్ సేల్ గా బ్దెలివరీ చేయగలరా మేడం

  26. Where is this place brother. Is it have online facility. If it please mention.

  27. Whole sellayithe antha padidhi for 1kg

  28. Tinakandi long run lo cancer vasthundi.manam chinnapudu thine pickles chintha thokku amla , avakaaya mathrame best

  29. @charan9592 says:

    Super video anna and expert making madam….

  30. Businesse kosam kadhu intlo pettukodaniki main chala intrest nertukuni family ki thinipinchalani trails vesthunnanu just nerchukunna youtube choosi

  31. Number please mamsend me

  32. Super medam meeru super enargey

  33. Bvrm లో ఎక్కడ

  34. Plege your out let lokeshans adress

  35. Medam garu maku courier service unda madi Telangana

  36. Can you supply by courier address

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