An EASY way to make homemade TOMATO PASTE!
An EASY way to make homemade TOMATO PASTE!
November 16, 2023
VINEGAR PICKLE vs. FERMENTED PICKLE: Why aren't they the same thing?
VINEGAR PICKLE vs. FERMENTED PICKLE: Why aren’t they the same thing?
November 16, 2023

10 Sustainable Food Packaging Companies To Support (2022)

November 16, 2023

10 Sustainable Food Packaging Companies To Support (2022)

November 16, 2023

10 Sustainable Food Packaging Companies To Support (2022)

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#Food stores and restaurants that provide takeout and delivery services continue to generate a large amount of food #packaging trash.

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The situation is getting #unsustainable: over 40% of all #plastics manufactured globally now are used to wrap food and beverages. While consumers are frequently rebuked for not making mindful choices when shopping for food, they are frequently denied options or compelled to purchase over packaged foods or single-use containers used by restaurants to transport their dishes.

Supermarkets and restaurants must step up to break the loop. Getting started with one of these #environmentally friendly food packaging firms is a great idea.

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  1. Planet Proof says:

    What do you think about these Sustainable food-packaging companies? Do you now better understand the state of the Food Packaging industry with respect to the environment?
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  2. This is really great news.

  3. Bao Huan says:

    Our company mainly exports disposable environmentally friendly tableware, our products include PLA cups, PET cups, sugarcane tableware, cornstarch tableware, paper cups, kraft paper tableware and so on.

  4. What about hemp products ?

  5. This video is weird. Why are we celebrating some unsustainable alternatives here? We have to do better than that.

  6. "A growing number of companies and startups, primarily in north America, are spending time and money on alternative packaging" what? Have you watched the startup scene around cyclular economy in Europe? Fairphone, mud jeans and the company that invented a plastic made from potatoes are all Dutch. Germany and France are innovating like crazy in the space too.

    This is a world wide problem and everyone is trying to come up with solutions.

  7. We are bagasse tableware manufacturer ,would you want to try some thing new?

  8. Its One Life says:


  9. Semtia says:

    This is cool and all but imagine how much pollution we could prevent if ppl had time to cook on their own instead of being forced to order takeout.

  10. Areca palm kitchen ware , plates , bowls , spoons and many other items has huge demand in US , mostly exported from india

  11. Sam Sien says:

    Really amazing story plastics, Thank s . 2T up .

  12. There is a strange low volume low frequency echo in the narration – could not watch more than one minute.

  13. PLA isn't 100% compostable, it has something akin to a half life so a large portion of it will compost away, but there's still an amount left over that takes much longer. Also, as Lopis points out, they require high temperature industrial composting (which is a good resource to have but isn't the best quality).

    I wish there'd been photos of the flat wine bottles, they're pretty cool looking! They've also spun off the packaging company to one named Packamama. The paperboard bottles are neat too, though they've effectively just boxed wine, with a bag that's surrounded by paper

  14. Lopis says:

    Not sure all of this is correct. Aren't corn based plastics only compostable in industrial facilities?

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